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Opera Mini 17 beta 4 for Android

  • if yes then why?

    Maybe for people to learn/practice mathematics? 😃

  • adblocker is still not up to date.. I see ad in many websites in high speed mode..

  • I cannot access any pages when they require a reCAPTCHA image. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Found a bug with the download manager, not really sure how to reproduce it but occasionally this beta version will download my file twice I think it happens when I initiate a download & switch to another app but like I said I'm not sure how to reproduce it. It's happened several times, the 1st download will bring the usual dialog box but the duplicate doesn't, you'll just see it among the download list. Hope you understand what I mean, it's an annoying bug especially to us with data caps!

  • @kissgirl1974, thanks for the report. Before we fix the issue, you can switch to High mode where reCAPTCHA should work fine.

  • suggestion : add "connected" icon like BBM

  • I don't know if this is a problem specific to Opera or Android but in forums when I want to reply or create a post the page for not move up enough so that the text field is visible above the keyboard Window so I have to type blind because the text is hidden behind the keyboard.

  • suggestion : add "connected" icon like BBM

    And it would serve for...?

  • And it would serve for...?

    Not closed while on background. It always happen if I set it to High saving and switching apps. Everything always reloading.

    It could also help the download progress.

    @hammerjoe I already mentioned this 'screen not following text typing focus' issue in my past post. The real problem might be the textbox size.

    It may be suited if the textbox is smaller than half of the device's screen (the keyboard usually occupy 40-50% of the screen) otherwise the bottom half would get covered by the keyboard.

    It is enraging indeed, yet sadly it seems that it not getting a fix.

    but there is a trick, you could scroll the screen while you type. just swipe outside (or just swipe) the textbox.

  • Not closed while on background. It always happen if I set it to High saving and switching apps. Everything always reloading.

    AFAIK the issue with pages reloading when returning to Opera happens due to memory management and is not related to connection.

    Also, how a icon would make any difference?

    It could also help the download progress.


  • did you know the reason BBM have its connected icon?
    it's to address the exact memory management issue by pinning the apps to status bar. it even explained in the settings.

    for the downloads I knew when I press home and the download progress freeze, the opera mini must be closed. so it will at least keep the progress going.

    y'know, the pinning thing actually used in download progress by all other regular browser.

    and for Opera Mini it's not necessarily called as "connected", I have an even better idea, why don't we get a url/search bar and/or speed dials/bookmarks directly from status bar ?

    I know it's not original, it's from UC Browser, but it will be a very nice feature if it applied to Opera Mini.

    to be honest I don't really like UC Browser and turned off all the features and notifications. I only used it for downloads because it's the only thing that are superior to Opera Mini (for me anyway).

  • New Update But no white color Theme option and please give close button to bottom in tab close....

  • play button still doesn't work for downloadable items.

  • the default theme is horrible. light red over dark red background??? who thought this looked good?

    bring back the previous theme please.

  • I like the idea that you can download or play the video even in the normal saving mode (not only on the extreme mode).. but when you play it the video blocked in a horizontal mode (landscape mode).. and changing the theme color it's cool, but why it can't change automatically when you switch from a website to another like chrome's tab.. (sorry for my bad English)

  • Other thing,, when you switch between tabs and you return to the first one it became inactive and you wait until it can reload again, and the same for other tabs too.. it seems a little bit laggy!

  • @hammerjoe, are you on tablet? Where do you see light and dark red shown together? Have you tried other theme colors?

  • Yes I use Opera in tablet mode.
    The problem with the themes is that the text color is almost identical to the background color and it makes it very difficult to read the tab names.

  • Opera mini beta is forcing to use other apps while a video is playing... It is annoying... If I choose back button, it appears again and again.. Here is the screenshot

    Test version:Opera mini beta 17.0.2211.104121
    Test device:Samsung Galaxy J1 duos

  • A major bug of Opera mini beta is site freezing that has been found since developers has developed the new UI.. Obviously it looks awesome but dingy bugs still keep it at bay..

    In extreme mode If a site is loading and when it is still loading power button is pressed to turn off backlight manually

    After turning on it after few minutes when the site get completely loaded.. The page completely freezes.. NO links work... When I reload the page manually.. No green loading bar appears above... And there is no internet connection.. I have to restart the browser to alleviate it
    Here is the screenshot
    I had reported this bug earlier but still it is unresolved

    Test version:Opera mini beta 17.0.2211.104121 Test device:Samsung Galaxy J1 duos