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  • I'm having this problem with Opera on Widnows. From time to time ad tabs open, or the tab in which I am in opens ad site.
    I have no extensions installed.

    Any idea what is the problem and how to fix it?

  • When is "from time to time"?

    Of course it may be that you've installed some adware without knowing it, and it is what is causing the ads to open. Did they start shortly after you installed some new program?

  • I just unistalled "hohosearch". Hope this will slove the problem

  • no, the problem is this in the browser. I can't say how often this happens, maybe one ad tab in each half an hour or probably more frequent

  • If it was an application that was just telling the OS to open something with the default web browser Opera would dutifully open it. If Chrome or Firefox or Edge was your default web browser they would do the same. Many of these 'search assistants' and whatnot are completely bogus and you should not have them installed for the very problems you are having.

  • I've uninstalled that, but it still opens ad tabs

  • There very well be more than one application causing the issue. Can you post a list of your installed problems?

  • I just unistalled "hohosearch". Hope this will slove the problem

    How did you do it?

  • I've uninstalled that through control pannel (add/remove programs). There was some other suspicious app, which I removed same way, but problem remains.
    It can behave like this: I open some page, and immediately it redirects to other address (ad). Everytime different sites. Also, some graphical popups (botton of tab page) appear.
    Yes, I installed previously something free from internet, it can be the problem. But it seems to not appear in unistall control panel. Also, I don't see in running processes. And there is no extension inside Opera to cause it.
    That's strange. It hides itself somehow, can't figure it out.

    Is it possible that Opera can have some plugins, which are not listed in "addons" tab, and it caould cause it?
    And it doesn't look like that it some program which asks to open tab by default browser. It something which "tracks" my clicks. If I don't click, this seems to not make any tabs. If I start making something in brosers, clicking links or somewhere, ad tab may appear.

  • All right,
    I noticed that new tab appeared with "" address, so I checked it - and it is a name of that malware:
    Hope will remove it now

  • I've uninstalled that through control pannel (add/remove programs)

    AFAIK you can't remove it that easily. Search for "hohosearch" and you will find some instructions on how to remove that virus/malware.

    Hope will remove it now

    Good luck.

  • Sorry for necroposting, but I have similar problem with hohosearch in my Opera browser. I tried to uninstall it manually, with a help of AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes Atimalware - but nothing helps me to remove this hijacker completely. I mean that it disappear after uninstall but in some time it show itself again. Any thoughts?
    upd: also tried this manual removal guide - no results :((