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Opera Mini 16 for Android

  • It just wasted my time as it used to so many times before I finally quit bothering w/forum. I composed a lengthy comment about the problems & clicked to post. It scrolled me back up to the top and so I scrolled back down here AGAIN (ugh) and see my comment did not post. Same ol shit for yrs. Can't even open simple website "". Etc etc. Tried new opera mini also & same thing. O well. Years go by same crap. Pitiful

  • I see nothing much has changed.. Using my older opera mini it can't even open simple website "", so I finally downloaded a new opera mini (still keeps asking me every single day to try it, with a huge ad which I have to navigate around or click on "later". Stupid pain is the ass. I already have it) and the new opera mini, after all these years, can't even open that very simple & basic website. Seems pitiful to me. What's the problem? As has been the case for years now (lost count on how many years), there are other sites that won't open as well & numerous sites that won't open properly or fully or fully functional. What kind of supposedly worldwide use, developed for years browser (android) can't even open simple website? All I get is a blank page. I see also from the above comments that there is still the same old issues with downloading. I gave up on opera mini years ago bcuz of that. Can't believe it's still a big issue. Wow. If the above issues are inherent somehow in the type of browser it is, then I think there should be a bug header that says: sorry but please be aware that opera mini, due to its general makeup, is not able to open all websites & is not able to download much in many cases. I also know something else.. As I became very frustrated w/opera mini years ago for the above reasons, I used to report that I had no such issues w/uc browser. Then uc browser also started to compress for big data savings, same as opera mini, and guess what?..... it STILL works to open any website I have ever tried to open & still downloads anything ever tried. These issues have been present for me, throughout numerous versions & several android phones, for several yrs now. Hard to understand all these new, improved (supposedly) versions after versions (so many I've lost count) and I still can't go to numerous websites. Also, I see that although there is a couple responses from some helpers above, still for the most part, most questions & complaints go unanswered like it always was here. Also, when I came here to make this post, I have to scroll & scroll from oldest to newest comments to get to them. Well, I'm glad there seems to be some ppl who like & enjoy opera mini usage. I don't get it? Since I only rarely come here, if anyone has any useful reply, plz send to unless there is a notification process bcuz I forgot this forum even exists anymore & only found it bcuz I was scratching around for some tweak to get it to open Thanx

  • Just to be clear, it didn't post my 1st comment, so I made 2nd one to mention that & then when I hot back button to leave, there was the unposted composed comment which did indeed now post. So like always, pretty quirky. Bye.

  • I have a suggestion for an Opera Mini feature, I don't know if this is the right place to post it though.

    If it's possible I think per site settings for data savings mode would be very useful, for example I could set Facebook, Amazon and some other sites to always open in high data saving mode while all other websites open in extreme mode.

  • Extreme data compression works only sometime. Most of the time websites don't load. It says connection failed. High compression works always.

  • Need improvements for the built in crappy download manager

  • @eokwuanga that is exactly what I also think. in fact it actually already exist with selected e-commerce sites. they open only in high saving. but we got no option to set our preferred sites.
    I've mentioned this on my past post.

    I think high saving whitelist would be nice addition to the feature.

    btw, amazon already high-saving only.

  • on my lenovo a6000+ kitkat is too wasteful of battery, pls fix it.

  • fyi: pop up are blocked, but ads are not anything blocked

  • fyi: pop up are blocked, but ads are not anything blocked

    Any example pages where ads aren't blocked?

  • u can check this site,
    I used extreme & high mode to open it, but same. Ads still there.

  • Here I submit ss:
    the picture on top is ad

  • u can check this site,
    I used extreme & high mode to open it, but same. Ads still there.

    I can see the ad on desktop Opera too, so i guess that simply isn't blocked by the list used by Opera ad-blocker.

  • There is now way we could distinguish such ad from normal picture in automated way and we will not mark such ads manually, as there are tooooo many websites on the web. No ad block will block 100% of ads (unless it block you access to the Internet 😉 ).

  • Ok, thanks for explain but I hope for the next version, manually block list option could also be added, bro...

  • I wonder if opera ad-block list at least on par with adblock plus's fanboy listing.

  • I wonder if opera ad-block list at least on par with adblock plus's fanboy listing.

    I guess it uses another list.

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