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How to Clean up index.ini ( Opera older version v.11 )

  • Hello There ,

    Say if I have in Opera M2 view , the left pane see my labels listed in there only have 10 of the labels.

    But I checked the index.ini files seems there are a lot labels data information more than 10 labels.

    What should I do in order to make the index.ini more neatly ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hello ,

    I am constantly having problem with my labels in M2 that each time Opera restart some label are LOST !!

    I have to find the last good backup index.ini to replace back to the Mail folder.

    Does anyone knows how this would cause ?

    I mean, almost every time when Opera restart some labels are LOST.

    Do I need to manually build a cleaner index.ini by using microsoft wordpad ?

    Thank you very much.

  • I don't actually use Opera Mail, so I'm no expert, but I only have seven labels available my mail section of Opera 12, which I assume are the defaults.
    If you have more than that, I assume you have created some new ones?
    Try renaming index.ini to index.old (with Opera closed) and then run it again.
    Opera should recreate the file with its default contents, and you will then have to re-create your custom labels.
    If you don't like that result, just delete the new index.ini file and rename your original one back (again with Opera closed of course).

  • Thank you very much.

    Will try ,,,,,,,,,,,,, as fed-up every day to replace the index.ini

  • Hi ,

    Please if anyone could advice me if I can build the index.ini from scratch " manually ".

    Reason is, I do not know why my M2 labels every time lost when Opera restart & I do not know if I need to 're-build' the index.ini file.

    I tried close down Opera & rename to oldindex.ini ....etc. Seems not help.

    Labels from M2 just play funky each time Opera start. ( I have total 15 labels my custom labels ) ]

    Thank you very much.

  • You can try this if you want:

    Export your contacts, delete all your contacts and empty the contacts trash. Then, close down Opera.

    Examine index.ini. Make sure the indexes for all your contacts are indeed removed. If some are still there, delete them and update the index count at the top of index.ini to match the actual index count.

    For your label indexes (search name= lines to identify them), change their index numbers to follow right after all the default views. For the newest Opera, that'd be after 18 (the "attachments" view). So, your first label would be Index 19. Your index.ini may be a little different aince you're using an older Opera, but you'll get the idea.

    Then, move those indexes so they're in the right spot in the file. (Might not be necessary. Opera might reorder them for you, but assume that it does not.)

    Then, for any other indexes (like mailing list indexes etc. (as in, not the default indexes for received etc.), change their index numbers to follow after your labels.

    Do not change the IDs of anything.

    Then, start Opera and import your contacts back in.

    In short, you're basically reordering the indexes so that your label indexes are right after the indexes for all the default views and all the other indexes are after your label indexes. That way, if you run into the index limit for that version of Opera, it shouldn't corrupt your labels (and might affect a contact or mailing list instead). Note though that when you create a new label, it might use a higher index. If so, close down Opera after that and fix the index's number and position.

    For backup and sync purposes, make sure you sync this new index.ini and make sure you only do it while all Opera's are closed.

    Backup your current index.ini (or whole mail folder) before you do this.

  • Thank you very much !!!

    About mailing list.

    I found I have a lot which I don't know why as I did not intend to create those.

    Please can you tell me if I am able to delete quickly from index.ini instead of make them shows & delete 1 by 1 from the left pane in M2.

    Problem is, mailing list in the left pane is always NO SHOW all labels but they are there ( un-check, no show ) so that I want to use index.ini to delete them.

    How I can reconsign it from index.ini that they are belongs to mailing list.

    Thank you very much.

  • Mailing lists are created automatically based on messages you receive that have list headers in them. If a list was created, it means Opera encountered

    For the ones you don't want, it would be better to delete them one by one in the UI so Opera can properly clean up those indexes in the indexer. Either way though, they'll come back if you encounter a message with those list headers again.

    How I can reconsign it from index.ini that they are belongs to mailing list.

    Name= For the index will contain the name of the mailing list.

    Search Text= will contain the list address (not the @ part)

    The Parent Id= will point to the id of the [Category] (at the top of index.ini) for the mailing lists access point. You can figure out the category via trial and error by showing/hiding the mailing list access point and closing Opera to see what category gets its visible= changed.

    There are probably a bunch of other ways too, but that should help.

  • Thanks

    How I can completely avoid creating mailing list by Opera itself ?

    I do not see what use a mailing list could help me so I prfer not to have mailing list.

    Thank you very much.

  • How I can completely avoid creating mailing list by Opera itself ?

    You can't. They're created automatically without any way to turn it off.

  • Hi burnout426

    Do you remember if the below is normal ?

    What is the [Index 12 ] and should I delete it from index.ini ??

    [Index 10]



    Parent Id= blah blah blah

    [Index 11]

    Name=Received news


    Parent Id= blah blah blah

    [Index 12]



    Parent Id=0

    Mirror Id=0



    Special Use Type=7


    Account Id=0 blah blah blah

    [Index 13]


    Thank you very much.

  • It sais :

    [Index 12]



    Parent Id=0

    Mirror Id=0



    Special Use Type=7


    Account Id=0

    Model Type=0

    Model Age=5

    Model Flags=125

    Sort Type=0

    Selected Message=0

    Update Frequency=10800

    Last Update Time=0


    Search Text=

    Search Field=0

    Search Current Message=0

    Search Start Date=0

    Search End Date=0

    Search is Regexp=0

    Thank you very much.