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  • I have had this issue for ages now. I remember it starting with some version 12 build, and I just gave up on fixing it, used FF instead for Vines. A while later I "upgraded" to Opera 19, and some old issues were fixed, others appeared. Tried again to get Vines to work today, and came upon a tip to try to enable the "Disable hardware-accelerated video decode" option in chrome://flags. That didn't work, so I just upgraded Opera to 20.0.1387.82. Still no Vine videos. Reset the flags option to default again, no dice.

    Yes, latest Flash, everything works in any other browser tested, like latest FF or Chrome. What is the issue here?

    Vine videos load a black embedded screen with the mute/un-mute button and Vine logo overlay visible, but no still picture or anything. Right clicking on it shows a greyed out "Movie not loaded..." above the "About Adobe Flash etc..." Have tried to fiddle with Flash player settings, disabling hardware acc etc, nothing works.

    For instance, this page: shows all black screens. Plays fine in other browsers.

  • The sample page you provided contains an html5 video in the mp4 format. Opera does not support it, because it's proprietary.

  • Meaning that Opera is the only browser among the big ones that can't play something as common as Vines?

  • dvk-ru1, does this mean Opera will never support it? I can't tell from your post if it's something in the works or something Opera doesn't care about.

    I enjoy using the Vine service, and it's a pain to switch browsers all the time.

  • Opera supports webm.

  • Now wait :)) That link,, is not all black for me. I see it fine in Opera 21, Windows 7 Operating System. It's a series of five moving pictures. It looks the same in Opera 21 for me, as it does in Firefox.

  • Yep, my Opera 22 has problems viewing vines, been having problems since Opera changed to the Google Chrome engine which is quite ironic as Google Chrome works completely fine with vine. Due to this I've switched to Chrome but I miss Opera so I revisited today to find the annoying vine issue bugging me again. Opera is one of the top browsers and it isn't going to remain at the top with compatibility issues with extremely popular media including Vine.

  • I have the same problems. But I noticed a strange thing, when I go to a vine page the video don't launch but if I change of tab and go again to vine, the video will launched. I've tried the above solutions but nothing works neither for me ...

  • So, we are in 2015 and nothing has been done about it.Looks like Opera tells Vine to send the contend in mp4 but can't read it, while it should tell vine to send the content in adobe flash.

  • I'm using Opera 29 and it works fine for me. The video show up as a preview and start playing when I mouse over them. I assume thats how they are supported to work.

  • I've tried a few videos and all of them worked both in Opera Stable 28 and Opera developer 29.

  • Vines still don't work for me on Opera 29

  • Problem fixed by updating my nvidia graphics driver, so I guess it's related to hardware acceleration/decoding.
    Guess you can mess around with that to fix your problem
    (the graphics driver or hardware settings in Opera)

  • With Opera 28.0 on Xubuntu 14.04.2 with Flash installed it does not work.

  • Working fine here. Have you tried the fixes suggested in this thread? It seems that everyone that has been having this issue so far is because something was wrong on their end.

  • Hello, Opera 30.0 on Linux user here. I can confirm Vine videos don't work...

    • The HTML5 video tag works perfectly
    • MP4 videos on the video tag load and play correctly
    • It's not a problem on my end because I also have Firefox, Chromium AND Chrome and Vine videos play on them.
    • The disable hardware-accelerated video setting is only for mac and windows users, I can't set that flag on Linux.

    The thing is... I DON'T WANT to use any of those browsers, Opera is my favourite one, where I keep all my bookmarks and tabs so... Help? Please?

  • Hi, in Opera developer v32.0.1926.0 some videos don't work...

  • Hello, Opera 30.0 on Linux user here

    This is the Opera for Windows' forum. Please post in the *nix forum as you may get better chances to solve your problem.

  • my frnd my phone have problem when i download operamin 12 it goes slow slow in network what is they problem in my phone.

  • my frnd my phone have problem when i download operamin 12 it goes slow slow in network what is they problem in my phone.

    Wrong forum, this is for Opera desktop for Windows. Please post in the Opera MIni forum.