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Google maps slow (but only in Opera)

  • Sometimes Google maps is horrendously slow (as though I was on a modem, I actually have fibre, 38Mbit). But in Internet Explorer it's instant. What could be causing this? Also I've noticed if I do a Google search too quickly (e.g. do a search, then immediately press images), it sticks for about 20 seconds as though the Google servers are slow (which presumably they aren't). I've not seen this happen on any pages other than Google.

  • Any extensions being used?

  • Not sure what you mean by extensions. But I've installed adblock, adblock plus, and tampermonkey.

  • I'm not sure why you would need both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus!
    Try disabling them both, and certainly if that fixes the problem with Google Maps, uninstall one of them and try again.

  • I got adblock first, then adblock plus. Plus didn't remove the basic one, so I assumed it was an extra, not a replacement. I'll switch off the basic one incase it's fighting. I'll try disabling them all next time google goes slow. It's only about 1 in 10 times I use it that google slows down.

  • Er.... how do you turn it off? There's a pause option, but how do I disable adblock until further notice, but not uninstall it? Or am I definitely ok to remove it and plus supersedes it?

  • Not sure what you mean by extensions. But I've installed adblock, adblock plus, and tampermonkey.

    Those are extensions. 🙂

  • how do you turn it off?

    Go to extensions manager and disable them.

  • Just a heads up, Adblock and Adblock Plus are two different extensions maintained by different groups. One is not an enhancement of, or even better than, the other and you probably don't need both.

  • I used to have just Adblock, and it wasn't as good as when I added Adblock Plus. So I definitely need Adblock Plus. If you're saying Adblock Plus isn't better than Adblock, then I need both.

  • Ah I didn't know there was an extensions manager, I was looking in the menu of each extension. I'll try switching everything off next time it happens.

  • Problem solved - it was so intermittent I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. It got a lot worse today, every single site I visited was slow the first time I went to it, and again if I didn't go to it for 5 minutes. I decided it was a DNS problem as other browsers and even pinging a server in a command prompt caused a delay looking up the IP. Fiddled about with my router and tried different DNS servers to no avail then thought of trying another computer on my network (which I don't usually use for browsing), which was fine. Flushed the DNS cache in Windows 10 and all is ok.