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Opera Mini 15 for Android

  • Please I'd like that you take into account what I said at the beginning. You know to change the USER AGENT between "MOBILE AND DESK". Sorry about that, I really like the Opera mini and appreciate your time, thank you!

  • hey Miyuki, about high saving,
    sometimes after a while it stuck on error page with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. hiting reload is no use, as if it won't even trying and just give the same error page. it's like I don't have available internet connection.
    but in extreme saving the page reloads successfully.
    and sometimes when selecting text the selection adjuster (I don't know the name) didn't appear.

    please improve.

  • @dusty-bin & @leocg, the lowest version we support is 2.3, so your device should be able to handle Opera Mini 15.
    However, we have gotten similar reports like you say (Stuck in the O animation), and this is under investigation.

    @pedrihno, thanks for your feature request. We'll look into the possibilities.

    @d-wa, thanks for your report. The connection issue(ERREMPTYRESPONSE) in the high data-savings mode is a known issue and we are looking into it.

  • I upgraded to the latest Opera Mini and the newsreader (Discover) feature stopped working. I have a customize button under the speed dial which leads me to a configuration page where I can choose a language and news categories like before, but not news show up. There is a "show more" button beside customize, but it is grayed out, so I can't press it to actually fetch news.

    Please advise what to do. I rely on this news reader feature when travelling, so it's important it's working. If it's a bug, please fix this. I'm on Android 6 and installed the latest Opera mini. The previously installed opera mini version worked fine with news reading, but the new one shows nothing, because the show more button is disabled.

  • @kcinnick, thanks for your report. Can you try some of the followings?

    • Restart Opera
    • Tap "Customize" and enable all the categories (There is a bug if you just disable Arts or Business, then Discover does not show articles)
    • Enable/Disable News in Settings > Advanced > Start page content
  • @kcinnick, thanks for your report. Can you try some of the followings?

    Restart Opera
    Tap "Customize" and enable all the categories (There is a bug if you just disable Arts or Business, then Discover does not show articles)
    Enable/Disable News in Settings > Advanced > Start page content

    Ah yes, the second suggestion helped, if I enable all categories then the show more button works. Thanks. Though it would be better of course if I could disable some categories, because that's what I usually do.

  • hello thanks for the good job. I want you to add an option to load the tab in which we are before the others tabs opened. keep the good job going on. thank you and excuse my bad english

  • also add a "what's new" web page so it can list all the new features of the updated opera mini

  • Thanks for taking me into consideration Miyuki, I appreciate your time and help, I love you, good luck go ahead with your great job

  • Thanks for this version with well functionning High economy mode 🙂
    I just noticed one strange thing : when I open tab and view it the day after, it always reload all the page... as if it is amnesic... is it due to android ram optimizing or due to opera?


  • @mozme the page reloading is probably because opera mini was shutdown by Android hence no longer has the pages in RAM.

    if you want to store pages though you can click on the + sign in the address bar and select 'save for offline' so you can have that page saved on the phone without having to reload it from the internet.

  • it actually the difference between high and extreme mode. in extreme opera mini store the compressed page so the tab won't have to reload every time (but just sometimes).

    in high saving opera mini acts like a regular browser, like chrome. the pages are active and sits in RAM. so if by some chance opera mini process stopped then the tabs will be reloaded. if you save the page it will be stored like extreme and lose the JavaScript.

    there is also chances if there's some tabs in high saving all the tabs might reload like in your case, @mozme .

  • The QR scanner needs improvement
    Can not detect a QR code....

  • Well, this version (maybe even the one before it) makes opera mini freeze and crash a lot on high savings mode. If it's sitting on the start page minimizing and then coming back to the browser makes it not respond or freeze (not happening on a Web page). Also crashing and freezing while navigating the Web (tapping on links or changing phone orientation for example).
    None of this happens with extreme savings mode. It was a good 2 in 1 browser before all this. Hope you'll fix it soon. Thanks

  • @draqonyx, can you tell me on which device the freeze and crash happens?

  • yea I got the same issue. in high mode when opening sites with popup ads (mainly those which "mobile optimized") it shortly become frozen.

    what I notice is that it only not registering touch input. the menus are working ok. switching tabs to the frozen page you can see that the scroll indicator is showing briefly, meaning that there's nothing wrong with the page. it just won't interact. it even won't reload.

    it's like being on a blank start page.

  • @d-wa, any specific URL for the freeze?

  • @miyuki
    It's a Sony Xperia E4g, latest firmware.

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  • Crashing also occurs each time I long press on a link to display the context menu.