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How To Transfer ALL DATA (profile, passwords, etc.) From OperaUSB 12.17 to Portable Opera 35.0 ?

  • Hi,
    How to transfer ALL DATA (profile, passwords, cookies, history, bookmarks, skins, etc.) from Opera-USB 12.17 to Portable Opera 35.0?
    The two versions have different directories and subfolders. For example, the USB version 12.17 has only one "profile" folder within the portable opera general folder, while there are 2 or 3 "profile" folders in v12.18 and v35.0, i.e. totally different latest configurations of the browser. That's why whatever I tried like before, it doesn't work on those two last versions.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Plamy,

    Have a look on this threat

  • Hi, zalex108, thank you for your reply!
    Unfortunately, those routes, targets and commands are something totally out of my knowledge.
    Would you give me a step-by-step guide what to do and how to do, please?
    Again, what I need is just the latest PORTABLE Opera v.35 with absolutely everything from USB Opera 12.17.
    Please, help me! No any instructions anywhere on the internet about that matter.

  • Hi, How to transfer ALL DATA

    Not possible. Opera 35 does not use some things that Opera 12 does. For example, it does not use skins and its settings are completely different so you can't bring over your 'profile'. For bookmarks, cookies, passwords, etc, yes, it does use them.

  • Portable installs have a single folder that includes both cache (and other transient storage) and settings, on other installs the transient data is in a "local" profile while the settings are in a "roaming" profile.

  • The reason why I want to replace 12.17 with 35.0 is that the "small" versions give some problems. For example, v12.16, v.12.17 can't load Facebook and some other websites well, when scrolling down, these versions can't load the page smoothly, they do it "stutteringly". Version 35.0 doesn't have this issue, don't know why. Although I prefer v12 at all.

  • Ok, is it possible to transfer all data and settings from Opera usb 12.17 to Opera usb 12.18? And how?

  • Ok, is it possible to transfer all data and settings from Opera usb 12.17 to Opera usb 12.18? And how?

    Copying the profile folder should do the trick.

  • Yes, that's what I did before, it works. The only thing that annoys me in 12.17 and 12.18 is the stuttering load of Facebook and other websites when scrolling down the page. The browser freezes for 1-2 seconds, then loading again a little, then freezing, stuttering... Is this because of the cache settings or some other preferences? In 35.0 everything loads and scrolls down smoothly, but the lack of many other settings and extras made me forget about 35.0.

  • So, anyone with an idea about how to make v12.18 load some webpages without stuttering when scrolling down? As I already wrote, v35.0 doesn't have those issues, so is there something in the v12.18 settings (cache or something else) that can be adjusted?

  • guess the presto engine is too old.
    have this also with some websites, that load lots of stuff.