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Has my opera been hijacked or is someone found an exploit?

  • Occasionally I run amok a clickbait site and on occasion it invokes the play store for some stupid game. I already went into app settings and cleared opening defaults for opera and the play store. Opera started to ask what to open pdfs and other docs with...but some sucky sites can still invoke the playstore without me clicking on anything

  • Hmm well I just did get a prompt to open something in the play store. Yet some sites still provoke the store by just loading s page. Sounds like opera has an exploit

  • Yes I've noted that and posted few days ago about Chrome browser update without my knowledge with Opera being idle (autoupdate disabled in PS). Since then only once I've seen a redirection in the same manner to 360 app. Is not that the guy from Bloomberg get greedy so it must be other way around since Chrome redir to PS are far more aggressive per online sessions (hits some apps from last updated list not only from most popular). If you ask me Google wants to be on top of Appboy but these redirections got other purposes also.

  • ...but some sucky sites can still invoke the playstore without me clicking on anything

    You click on site link and that's enough.

  • Simple test, hit and if you are not redirected to PS then is not an exploit. Click on any movie and hit the Chrome player, somewhere in between min 10 and 15 you will be redirected to PS and that's a normal behavior.

  • I see the forum mangles the link (it interprets underlines as indicating italics) ...

  • Yeah I notice.

    The point is, it brought up the play store as I was reading, didn't even touch the screen when I did

    You might want to consider making some kind of option to allow, deny, prompt play store initiations from web sites

  • Or only allow play store openings when clicked. And still allow a prompt because sites can always make a transparent css layer tricking you into a click (touch)

  • I see the forum mangles the link (it interprets underlines as indicating italics) ...

    You can put links between <> to avoid such issues.

  • Hmm, odd. I got a link on a page searching for a tetris clones. It asked me to open in the store (I selected one time). I can still get forced store popups

    Also I've noticed (happened on the tetris clone page) is the back button no longer works. I've encountered this several times. I've learned that if you keep the back button down it will popup the back history and even though back is greyed out, I can still use one of those back links

  • And no im not downloading non-store random apks that can contain random malware. As you may or may not know most tetris clones were removed from the store cause s stupid copyright infringement. Only one I got was the popular tetrios, only apk I've downloaded, so, this behavior is not the result of malware (I also have malware-bytes on here)

  • i want an option to disallow Google Play Store direct

  • For some reason the stupid monkeys from Google uncheck Ads opt-out option from Google services menu, beats me why they do that. My spec ads doesn't have a proper localisation and beside that the translation is awful.

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