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Opera Mini 15 beta 1 for Android

  • Now, it’s time to announce Opera Mini 15 beta 1. In this version, the start page news is more accessible, since we’ve moved the toolbar to the bottom. Another change you’ll find in the new beta is fast page scrolling. The fast-scrolling button, to top or bottom, has been combined with the scroller.

    For those of you who frequently use the high data-savings mode, there’s more news for you: better compression for HTTPS pages. You can also select video quality in the settings for the high data-savings mode for even better data savings. If you come across any problems with loading HTTPS sites or videos, please let us know.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our beta testing.

    You can get the Opera Mini for Android beta here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

  • Still no Improvements for built in Download Manager??? What the Hell??
    In web browsing Opera Mini is too good but not for file downloading. Opera Mini has a super poor download manager compared to UC Browser. In Opera Mini, File downloading speed is too much slow, Can't able to Resume any downloading files as well if it was Paused or Failed anyhow, Missing Multi Thread (Multi Part) Connection downloading feature, Missing Downloading link Auto-Refresh feature. Facing Too Much Problem. Please Upgrade the Opera Mini's built-in poor Download Manager as well. Thanks

  • Good browser thank you opera team for awesome data saving features

  • Facing too much problems in this new beta update. Sometimes Image not loading properly, Often Crashes, File Downloading speed is worst ever, Takes too much time at Startup, Sometimes this beta can't able to properly loading some website.
    Now I want to go to & this beta continuously loading it. This is the Worst beta update from Opera that I've ever seen in my Life.

  • Please, please, (just look at google entries re opera-mini) and sort downloads out. Looking back on google, people have complained about the poor download capability of Opera Mini. It is high time this was a priority, for goodness sakes.

    Please, please, please.....why on earth make anything over 15mb downloadable visible to Theresa May and the other quasi-fascist western government snoopers by sending that direct? Bizarre. Ludicrous. and very annoying. We are not talking enabling massive files to be proxied, but 15mb?! Seriously?! Make it sub 200mb, by all means to deter serious piracy, perhaps....and just perhaps, but...really....jeesh.

    Our only hope is perhaps Vivaldi can develop a android browser; such is the attention opera mini devs pay their users.

  • Hei when opera mini have theme like on the ios version, it's more great if that have a theme. Thankkksss

  • Oh !!! This beta update totally disappointed me.

  • If I may add one thing to be considered regarding downloading issue, it is our internet provider.
    I found that while using some unblocking VPN the opera mini downloads works fine. So it's not entirely Opera Mini's fault.

    and the reason why UC Browser download is good because they incorporate their own proxy for the process. heck, even we are given cloud space to save downloads directly there.

    it actually like opera mini was with the 15MB limit.
    I don't know why Opera Mini Developer team decided to take downloading out of the picture.
    I mean yes now it got fancy manager but they leave the connection to our internet provider alone with all the limitations and blocks. leave alone login download.

    so that's it. with all things considered I hope the downloads would be better in the future.

  • impression for the beta :

    functionality: fast scrolling is good. one step closer to perfection.

    rendering: engadget articles still inaccessible. so that'd be 'no improvement'.

    nothing breaks yet though.

  • Page loading speed has been noticably improved both in high and extreme mode. In high mode opera turbo is compressing data more than previous. As I checked, Facebook photos are loading 3 times faster than previous opera mini versions.
    Actually opera is saving more data now. Thanks
    Opera should now concentrate on downloading features.
    Opera still not support https download from sites like

  • Hi,
    the better compression for https sounds good, I'll keep an eye on it, see if any major differences.

    Two major changes that are negative -

    1. under data savings you deleted the option to turn images off
    2. also deleted single column view

    Without these two we will be forced to stop using Opera and develop and app instead

    Single column view allows a program to crudely replicate an app - it provides a good size for viewing (so no zooming necessary on every page load) and it's easy format for teaching new users (just scroll down), strips out most site formatting for wicked fast page loading (3 - 7 seconds on 'Edge' technology).

    Also, as I mentioned in earlier posts, on the farm fields of Ukraine (and many other developing countries most likely) this is no 3G or 2G, just Edge, which is painfully slow when loading full websites with pictures. There's a possibility we could continue with some pics as I have not put any on the pages our guys use to enter data (only the header), but without single column view Opera mini would become unusable.

    I'm guessing this is a commercial decision, no pics = no clicks = no money. I can understand this. Maybe you can continue an ultra simple fork of Opera mini (no pics, single column view) that positions itself simply as data gathering tool/app for business? (see note below) Maybe don't even call it a browser any more. To save money, don't spend any development resources on adding features, focus just on the minimum security and Android version compliance updates. Sure, we can just never update, but this is not good, I'm big on security updates.


    note: as mentioned before, we use on open source program called, and specifically, the 'trackers' module (databases, like MS Access), I create fields we need (tractor, field number, type of seeds planted, hectares completed, etc.), I put it on a wiki page, than, via Opera mini, the guys enter the data in (from the readings off the monitors in their tractors), and finally, the data is filtered/sorted and displayed on other wiki pages of our site (and also exported to other programs necessary our the company).

  • @mikeua7 Single column view is a feature that is exclusive to extreme mode, it is not available in high mode. If you switch to extreme mode you will both find single column mode and the possibility to disable images completely.

  • @barsk Thank-you for the info, somehow I completely missed it, apologies for writing an 'essay'! Will keep questions brief in the future.

  • Your use case is actually interesting, so thanks for sharing it with us:)

  • Third-party cookies killer ain't present yet. Can be?

  • Umm..I'm a big fan of opera mini, and opera mobile classic, since they're stable, and really fast. But since I needed more space on my device, I had to delete opera classic, and stick to the "mini". It's fast, secure. I love it! Only one problem with it all... I've noticed, that some CSS code is ignored. Like, I'm learning web design, and noticed that opera mini doesn't show moving text, moving images... Some JavaScript actions cannot be used. So I'm asking you to add support for these functions, and an option to turn them on/off since these things can slow down the browser. Also, support for watching videos would be great. (without having to use another app.. instead, opening the video inside the browser. like in safari, or uc browser.) That would be all. Other than the few minor set backs I've noted... I love your browser, and I'll continue using it. 🙂

  • So I'm asking you to add support for these functions [...]

    Hi, have you tried switching data savings mode to "High" instead of using "Extreme", which is the default mode?

  • Problem loading LeEco forum ( ) in extreme mode, most of the time it gives a blank page