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Windows crashes when I close Opera

  • Every time I close Opera (X at top right) Windows crashes. It goes to a blue screen that asks, "did you install any new software or hardware?" Only Opera. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help. Downloading a new copy of Opera didn't help.
    Windows Vista Home Basic, up to date.
    Microsoft Security Essentials, up to date, no other security or firewall.
    Opera version 34.0.2036.50, no add-ons, brand new download of Opera.
    No problems with other browsers, Firefox, MSIE. Even if I close all tabs except one, it makes Windows crash.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • What does it say in your Event Viewer at the time of the crash?

  • "The previous system shutdown at 9:45:48 AM on 1/31/2016 was unexpected."
    I can't find any other log at that time, but Windows did say, "If a solution is found, Windows will notify you." So, there must be a record that I'm not finding.

  • Do you see any minidump folder under C:\Windows?
    If so try to read the file under the folder using this software:

  • The Windows OS from 7 on is pretty hard to crash. Unless there is a problem with your Windows system files or a driver/hardware problem its rare for the whole OS to come crashing down. Apps will still crash of course but its not like back in the day when they could take the whole system out on a routine basis.

    I don't know about Vista. Its probably the same but I've really never gotten a chance to use it as its fairly rare.

  • Neither XP, Vista nor W7 (and probably W10 - not much data so far) will crash itself on good hardware (including good drivers). My vista64-at-work did run two years even without logging off 🙂 I have seen crashes on my and friends PCs due to the following reasons:

    • bad/unstable/cheap/'tired' PSU (tired means that capacitories were dead, multiple cases)
    • tired motherboard (capacitories, multiple cases - first indication is cold-start problems)
    • bad or overclocked or cheap memory (test failed even at factory settings)
    • bad or nonexistent cooling (cpu/chipset overheating problems)
    • bad video chip (some batches of NVidia mobile GPU, problems arised after year or two)
    • bad video drivers (mostly on older systems, could be coupled with PSU problems, many problems with old NVidia cards)
    • bad video recording software/drivers (on my old ATI-AIW, only system restore helped)
    • bad network card drivers (on older systems, some realtek 8029? drivers were buggy)
    • bad system-level software drivers (antivirus, game protection, game protection hacks)
    • corrupted hard disk or file system

    What about crash on opera closing, then this may indicate memory problems (on closing a lot of memory gets reallocated/freed), disk problems (cache/temp files deallocating and settings saving - is your hdd light on while crashing?), video driver problems (opera uses hardware graphic acceleration when possible - does your screen go blank or lock up before restarting?), network problems (connection closing) - not easy to find out actually.

    Have you noticed any other problems or unexpected behavior on your PC?