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  • I found these two links as I was searching for good markdown tools:

    78 Tools for Writing and Previewing Markdown

    BBCode To Markdown Converter

    How you insert a link with text is:

    bracket text bracket parentheses url parentheses

  • Thanks, but although this is all well and good, why on earth should we have to jump through hoops to post on this forum in the same way as we used to do natively on the old one?!

    Whatever happened to the WYSIWYG principle?

    I'm sure I could look up and learn all the markdown coding to be able to do things like text links, but why should I have to?
    I hate to think what non-computer savvy people who now come here must think, when so many of the obvious and expected forum tools are missing, and the functionality has to be restored by manually putting in code!

    I've tried really hard to get used to it, but what were the people at Opera thinking when they changed to this?!


  • What's happened to the other three posts that are supposedly in this thread after my last one, I can't see them?!
    EDIT: It said there were five comments, now it's reverted to three again, which is correct.

  • I personally like Markdown very much because it’s syntax is easy to read even in unprocessed state and it’s much less verbose than BBCode. I still try to use it in other forums just to disappointedly notice that they support nothing but BBCode.

  • I think I had the third post in this thread, it's gone. 😞 I can't imagine any reason for it being deleted so I don't know what's going on.

  • How do you make a clickable thumbnail?

  • Most obvious approach - a URL with an image where the text would be

    bracket exclamation bracket alt text close bracket parnethesis thumbnail address close parenthesis close bracket parenthesis link address close parenthesis

    (and they think this stuff is readable?)

  • Well I guess they do as they're not rushing to do anything to improve it!
    Things like adding links and images to posts should be instantly available on a button, just like they are on every other web forum that I use.
    Having to put code manually into posts is a nonsense!

  • Gargoyle

  • Here a great Markdown Tables Generator. Examples:

    | Version information | |
    |--------------------- |----------- |
    | Version | 12.16 |
    | Build | 1860 |
    | Platform | x64 |
    | System | Windows 7 |

    | Version information | |
    |--------------------- |-------------------------- |
    | Version | 21.0.1432.39 |
    | Update stream | Next |
    | System | Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64) |

  • Why didn't a line space show separating the tables?

  • Inline code can be put put between back ticks, e.g. code here

  • Checkout this text editor with buttons.

  • Thanks, but why are those buttons not available here?

    My Website

    1. List item one
    2. List item two
  • Inline code can be put put between back ticks

    Incorrect. This forum filters HTML brackets and elements from Markdowns's Inline code.
    Yout cant post all code you need.

  • Manually replace less than and greater than with HTML entity codes. Yes, it's ugly. but I did it previously.

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