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Opera is freezing for 20-30 seconds every few minutes

  • Hi

    I have been using Opera for long time and its my favourite browser, but since I upgraded PC to 8-core amd 8350 (from 4 core amd phenom 965) it constantly freezing during browsing for 20-30 seconds every few minutes.
    I know - people will say : cache, flash player, viruses, my pc is at fault blabla etc etc - NO, PC is working well , its a great machine.
    After ages of looking through forums for solution with no effect I simply switched to firefox which I don't like. Firefox is working fine and 1 day I noticed it is creating only 1 process in task manager and Opera is creating few, same as chrome (chrome does same freezing), so figured it has to be IT and ended up changing CPU affinity in task manager
    to 2 cores from default 8 for opera processes and it seemed fixing freezing issues. I was so happy to find out an hour later windows is reseting affinity settings every time I switch off the program.
    I am only simple PC gamer with no great knowledge about computers.
    Could someone help me use OPERA without fiddling with CPU affinity every time or using some 3rd party software? Can Opera not simply work for me like it did before upgrade? I am not asking much.


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  • Do you use any extensions? If so, have you checked with them disabled?

  • I have the same thing happen and have tried to solve it until I am blue in the face. It happens on my 5 different computers and on multiple networks I work at. I have no idea why this happens or how to solve it. I have disabled extensions, turned off turbo, etc.

  • yes, its not extensions fault. i think its to do with number of processes in task manager and 8 core cpu, might be wrong tho, changing affinity was the only thing made the difference. have you tried it scottmccarthy945 ?

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  • What kind of antivirus software you're using?

    There have been problems with older Opera and some AV programs getting crazy while constantly scanning cache folders (and of course numerous problems with other programs and AV software interferences).

    How does Chrome/Chromium behave? Opera is based on same rendering engine.

  • I am not using any active anti virus, usually only scan PC with spybot search and destroy or antimalware by malwarebytes, have been doing it for years, never had any of thos conmstantly scanning ones and telling me whats wrong and whats not 🙂

  • What version of Opera are you using? If it's v12.x, then ensure this is checked (on):

    Because with that unchecked, Opera has crippling and random performance issues.

    If it's new Opera, never mind.

  • I reread your first post, noted that 'chrome does same freezing'. Have you tried to ask on Chrome related forums - Chrome has clearly bigger user base and someone may give you better help there.

    About CPU affinity - you can create shortcut to start program on specific cores:
    I can't be sure, does that help with opera/chrome process-per-tab model - but you can experiment. Probably there are more ways.

  • To rseiler - I have used older and newer version of opera, on all versions same problem

    To donq - I will look at this cpu affinity tutorial at next opportunity and will share the outcome, and if it fails will look at chrome forums

    Thank you all guys for posts.