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Helpful Extras to customize Opera 18/19 (Mostly 19)

  • That's true. Please take discussion on that subject here.

  • Originally posted by Frenzie:

    That's true. Please take discussion on that subject here[/url" target="_blank">]here[/url].

    I didn't bring up that subject - you did. I was suggesting this is not the place for talk about that subject.

  • Originally posted by bjdobson:

    Well, since this thread is how to help you customize Opera, I think suggestions of using Firefox or another browser are just silly. That option is always available so what's the point?

    The point is that a simple no is quite unhelpful. No, but here's an alternative that might work for you is much more helpful. If someone really wants their tabs on the bottom, Opera 18+ is simply not the answer.

  • Originally posted by rilef:

    I may be late to this conversation, but how does having a tree-style tab relate to having tabs on the bottom?

    It doesn't. However, the name is somewhat deceptive. The tree-style-tabs are optional and you could use it just for plain tabs on any side. I just checked and Tab Mix Plus also allows basic top or bottom configuration. I don't think Firefox has ever allowed tabs on bottom natively.

    Originally posted by rilef:

    Also, there are Chrome extensions which customize tabs and some of these extensions work in Opera 18+ (including Sidewise Tree Style Tabs).

    Interesting. That's really screaming for a panel though. 🙂

  • Originally posted by rilef:

    The buttons project, from[/url" target="_blank">][/url], is a collection of 12 toolbar buttons, all Chrome extensions, 11 of which are simple toolbar buttons, and the final extension is a button bar combination of the other 11. These toolbar buttons provide users several handy alternatives to using the Opera menu (such as a print button and a downloads button and a settings button). There are also several buttons providing features not presently available in Opera, such as a tab refresh button and a second home page button. Not all the buttons work in Opera 18+ (such as the history button and the bookmarks manager button). But these non-working buttons can be hidden or not downloaded. Note, clicking "install" on the buttons project webpage should take you the Chrome Store for installation of these toolbar button extensions.

    I downloaded the buttons I wanted and the history button works fine for me. Downloads, print, history, duplicate tab work great!! I always loved that button!! (used to be an option for me in Opera in the bottom status bar on the right)

    Awesome!!! I love a few of these buttons. Now if I could just get another toolbar to put all my new buttons on, I'd be happy!

  • Originally posted by bjdobson:

    (2) To find the Quick Access Bar (QAB):

    To find a LOT of options for Opera, including the Quick Access Bar, type "opera:flags" in your search bar in Opera 18 or 19 then scroll down.

    There you will find:

    1. BOOKMARKS BAR which is actually the Quick Access Bar (QAB)
    2. Themes

    Just converting from Presto to Blink on one more of the computers I use. This time, however, there seems for some reason to be trouble with D&D from the Speed dial to the Quick Access Bar. What can have happened?

  • Originally posted by rilef:

    The third-party utility CCleaner includes cookie utilities to delete unwanted cookies, in Opera 18+ and other browsers, without deleting cookies you want to keep (Open "CCleaner", click "Options", then click "Cookies". Right-click either on the "Cookies on Computer" window or "Cookies to Keep" window, to use CCleaner's "Intelligent Scan" utility. Or, move cookies with the arrow buttons between these two windows).

    Awesome!!! I've used CC Cleaner for years. Love this new option in this utility. Thank you. 🙂

  • I've been using Stylish to give me the ability to apply custom CSS stylesheets to individual websites and its been working pretty good. Not as good as Opera 12's Site Preferences, but its a start.

  • So, i am going to assume, there are no mods or anyway to have tabs for pages at the bottom of the browser like in 12.x and lower versions of Opera?

    What *exactly* do people see positive about 18.x and above??????

  • Originally posted by smurfinaus:

    What *exactly* do people see positive about 18.x and above??????

    The main positives for me are speed and the fact it now is much friendlier with most sites as in almost every site works properly with Opera whereas, in the past, I always had to use Mozilla for some sites as Opera just didn't display them properly or work properly with them.

    Opera 19 is very, very fast compared to 12, which was getting very sluggish and crashing all the time.

  • Originally posted by smurfinaus:

    So, i am going to assume, there are no mods or anyway to have tabs for pages at the bottom of the browser like in 12.x and lower versions of Opera?

    I really miss the feature of being able to tweak the user interface of the Opera to the extent of the Presto versions of Opera. What I do not miss was all the signs Opera had run into a blind alley in that development line, like browser freezing all tabs for 10-20 seconds upon one page calling up a slow plugin, pages never fully finish loading, occasionally sluggish handling of multiple tabs etc.

    I am not comfortable to rely on a lot of third party mods to do all the tweaking I liked about the Presto version, but I can live better with it than living with a browser lagging behind. That would not fit a browser built on the idea of being fast performing.

  • Originally posted by Pesala:

    Originally posted by GFREX:

    t should AT LEAST let me copy an URL fully

    I believe that it does. Just focus the field and copy.


    (I was searching through the forums, and this is the only post that is related to this topic)

    How can I fix opera so the links will include "" or "" or whatever is before the url? when I copy an url it gets copied as :

    so in most places, I have to write the http:// or https:// etc...

    is there a way to get opera to show ALL url? (with http)

  • Originally posted by pojomx:

    is there a way to get opera to show ALL url? (with http)

    Hi Pojomx, you can download, and install latestOpera Developer 21, and enable this feature in: "O-Menu->Settings->User interface->Show full URL...".
    You can read about it in theofficial announcement regarding this release.

  • Can anyone tell me the difference between Opera Next and Opera Developer please?

  • Originally posted by bjdobson:

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Opera Next and Opera Developer please?

    Opera Developer is still a bit experimental. Opera Next will be released as the next final version as soon as it's stable enough. So there are three distinct development channels — Developer, Next, Final, or Alpha, Beta, Released. Currently, that means Opera 21, 20, and 19. When Opera Next is released as Opera 20, then Opera 21 developer will be promoted to Opera Next, and Opera 22 Developer will follow in due course.

  • Or to put it in slightly different and hopefully easier terms, Developer is where new features are introduced and Next is where they are stabilized.

  • I've been using Next for quite awhile now and noticed today that:

    "Version: 19.0.1326.9 - An error occurred while checking for updates"

    So I have to download the most current version to get the updates, I guess. I just updated this morning to get to the version noted above but, obviously, it's not updating properly for me otherwise.

  • It's probably just be a temporary server malfunction.

  • Originally posted by bjdobson:

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Opera Next and Opera Developer please?

  • Hey guys, I hope this topic is still about customization.

    Is there a way to remove/hide this nasty Opera "O" button and make it look like in chromium? Coz now it's really out of place:

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