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  • I have Opera portable and it needs different password that I've. WHY ??????????????????????

  • It doesn't. You have either forgotten your password or are typing it incorrectly. So get a mirror, identify the problem and fix it.

  • NO. It's writing me something about encryption in other version of browser

  • Passphrase. I HAVE MY OWN PASSWORD. It's my account not Opera's with it's passphrase and nobody knows what else.

  • Your saved passwords are encrypted using your OS credentials and afaik it's not possible to use them in a different OS install or with a different user within the same OS installation.

    Any way you can try your OS password to see if it works.

  • It's stupid complication. There are some other ways - translate it in ancient language, use Enigma or something else. Why Opera makes more then I want?

  • ... Why Opera makes more then I want?

    Perhaps because Opera is built upon a chromium/Blink engine foundation that, for privacy, protects user passwords by employing a Windows-provided API which encrypts them such that they can only be decrypted within the same user account again using that Windows API. The engine then properly applies a decrypted password to a website. In other words, adopting the new engine brings along with it certain characteristic functionalities like this.

  • Where can I find this passphrase???? this is very very STUPID. I enter one time, second time, 4 time, 5555 times and nothing happend ... WHATIS THIS???

  • Where can I find this passphrase????

    Hmm, on your mind?

    Unless you have changed it in sync settings, you should use your OS login password. Otherwise, if you have changed to use a custom password then you should inform that password.

  • We guarantee you that your computer did not forget your password. Its the other way around.

  • ... WHATIS THIS???

    It's positive proof that you should write down your passwords/passphrases in a safe place.

  • okay, it's not taking any password i try, and i just reset it a few minute ago... why do they call it passphrase? is that something different? gah, opera could be so awesome...

  • ... why do they call it passphrase? is that something different? gah, opera could be so awesome...

    A password is just that: a word, like 'cat' or 'dog'. A passphrase is just a phrase, like 'see the cat' or 'seethecat'. Depending on the website, some pass-terms can't include space symbols or certain other characters. In the sense of the software itself, there's no difference between passwords and passphrases. If trying to create long pass-terms for improved security, it's easier for some folks to remember a phrase than a long or randomly-constructed word.

  • Despite what it asks for originally, when it asks for passphrase it really wants your old sync password. And yes, for some reason it asked me for it again today - a week later.

  • They had a security problems on their side recently, I was notified that my password was reset, so I had to pick another. Maybe is that your case ?

  • I've also had to reset my own account password recently and I've had to fix my sign in here.

  • How the F*** 😠 I can know my own Pass Phrase without Reseting???

    I didn't remember that I had set one??

    I am going super MAD here!!!

  • I was never presented to enter the passphrase, now after a fresh install of windows it's asking for the passphrase??
    I got all the bookmarks and what not, but the encrypted stuff is, well, encrypted and wont let me get it...

    Seriously WTF OPera??? What a Lame development which locks own user to get inside his stuff!!!!