Bookmark favicons won´t load. Always the same star-like one

  • Hi. I report you an issue that affects the bookmarks bar ever since Opera 15, both for Windows and Mac. As you see in the link, Opera doesn´t load the bookmarks favicons, showing always that star in its place. This makes difficult to find a particular bookmark or bookmarklet, so useful to make up for a missing extension. Any idea about it? As you see there´s also an issue with some of extension favicons that are not properly scaled (look pixelated; see Pushbullet or Lastpass ones). Thank you very much and kind regards. Javier.

    Here you can see the bug:

  • Hi Javier, what's your operating system?

  • javierns, it is possible that the Spritzlet bookmarklet causes your issues. Can you please:

    1. Backup your profile (the path can be found in opera:about)

    2. Delete the Spritzlet bookmarklet from your address bar

    3. The previously added pages might have been modified by Spritzlet, so it that didn't help, please remove and re-add the pages which had stars

    Did it help?

  • Thank you idrin. Which file/s is the profile?

  • Which file/s is the profile?

    Backuping the whole folder is the best advice.

  • Shut up everybody*:)*
    It's Turbo (or another proxy) most probably. Same thing here, Opera 11.
    Kinda side effect*;)*

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