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Opera Mini 13 for Android

  • The Opera Mini for Android team is happy to announce the release of Opera Mini 13. In this version, we've added Opera's signature red color to the address bar, and search categories are available directly on the start page. We have been improving the downloads feature, and some of the most wished-for feature requests are included in this release.

    Some changes in Opera Mini 13:

    • Red address bar for classic layout.

    • Downloads: New downloads can be started automatically.

    • Downloads: Finished items are grouped in the notification area.

    • Downloads: Concurrent download setting to limit the number of simultaneous downloads.

    • Password manager in the high data-saving mode on Android 4.4 and up.

    • In-browser file picker for uploading files.

    • Night mode can be enabled directly on browser restart.

    Please give Opera Mini a spin, and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

  • In earlier version video could be downloaded by holding it download & save button used to appear.After update I am not able to download video. Please help me how to download video in updated version.

  • Please add the features from Opera for Android. Features like - Video Compression Technology, YouTube Downloading feature etc. Also fix Download Resume problem & add Multiple threaded connection splitted file downloading system (Splitted into multi part while downloading) for every each downloading file. Also can't able to skip shorten link which I can previously skip.

  • Cool!
    It's getting better...
    Now waiting for the material design.... 😉

  • Iimprove the file downloading speed. Upgrade the built in poor download manager.

  • why i can't get answer in polish forum?

  • Bring back logo image for saving the bookmarks & save pages. And bring back saving the bookmarks & saved Pages' by Alphabetically.

  • Now I'm downloading a file size of 53MB. & my current network connection is 10mbps wifi connection. But the following downloading speed is 13KBPS to 50KBPS. What the Hell is that? Why Opera Mini can't speed up the downloading speed?

  • Some sites may throttle download speed. What site do you download from?

  • @mbaluta, I try to download the file from but the website is ok. I got well speed when I download it via another browser (such: UC Browser). Maybe got well speed because UC has Multi Part Connection downloading system & a strong speedy server.
    In Opera Mini I try to download the same following file using 3G & I got better speed than wifi though my wifi connection is more speedy than 3G. Still don't know why Opera Mini has super slow downloading speed over wifi connection.
    I always use Extreme Saving mode with 'Single Column View' On (Protocol : Socket/HTTP)
    Not only this website I've got slow speed downloading problem from & & etc website while other browser can give better downloading speed than Opera Mini.

  • Can't able to download anything from why??

  • Can't able to download anything from why??

    Most probably because Mediafire doesn't work with proxies.

  • @paulalexi25

    Now I'm downloading a file size of 53MB. & my current network connection is 10mbps wifi connection. But the following downloading speed is 13KBPS to 50KBPS. What the Hell is that? Why Opera Mini can't speed up the downloading speed?

    For bigger files Opera Mini doesn't proxy the download, so the speed of your download does not depend on Opera Mini, but on, your ISP and your device.

  • @casperjack11:

    Can't able to download anything from why??

    It works for me on few files from Can you provide more details: specific URL (what's the file size?) and your mobile operator?

  • I browse with High Saving Mode. In High saving mode Opera Mini can't download any file from mediafire but in Extreme mode Opera Mini can able to download only small sized file but can't download large file in Extreme mode.
    Here is a file link -
    I can't able to download this following file both in High & Extreme mode in Opera Mini.
    I'm from Bangladesh. Network Operator: Airtel Bangladesh
    Opera Mini 13 on my Symphony Xplorer W68 handset

  • @casperjack11: You're right. In Extreme mode Opera Mini downloads files up to 15MB. Bigger files are downloaded directly, without using Opera Mini servers.

    In High mode I can see the prevents Opera Mini from downloading the file - there's redirection to the same webpage instead of file download. That can be because of IP address sniffing.

  • hi,
    I just upgraded opera mini ver7.6 to 13 just now. A breeze without any major hiccup (including auto importing of previous bookmarks and saved pages).
    however, just one thing...font size of bookmarks titles are way bigger than previously - if possible I prefer small size as previously to fit as much words onto smartphone screen. The same goes for titles of Saved Pages.
    (The Saved Pages from ver7.6 aren't auto imported in the same name as well - I have to spent a few hours re-saving in the right names again).
    Other than these, so far much improvements seen in ver13 and wonderful experience so far.

    Thanks & Regards, lantohsay

  • can you please offer direct download APK file as well or/and at least point to "Amazon Underground store" as that can be installed on any android device that lacks google store (and keep it up to date as it seems to be always 1-3 months behind on Amazon Underground)

    Amazon Underground

    Opera Mini

    full opera

    as the trust in Unofficial APK websites lately have become very untrustworthy now (unless you have someone at your company updating to these sites)

  • can you please offer direct download APK file

    You can download from here.

  • furtherance to font size and name of Bookmarks and Saved Pages titles, hope also that Bookmarks and Saved Pages would be arranged alphabetically again as in ver7.6 compared with chronologically in new ver13.

    thank you for effort developing opera mini v13.