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[Question]Limit of comments per period of time

  • Today I've got two (spam) blocks because i commented two times in 90 seconds. So i ask: what is the limit of comments in, let's say, 1 minute?

    I remember that in the old forum we had a 30 seconds gap between two consecutive comments.

  • It varied, if you triggered the block then it doubled. However, it was only replies to the same topic - if you posted in another topic it didn't count. Yes, Pesala ran afoul of the spam block once, got it up to several hours! (And he wasn't the only one.)

    Sorry, no one has told me what it is here now.

  • thank so much truyen tranh

  • The arrogance of Opera astounds me. I also lost my Blog and all the images that I had posted, yes I had backups but all the work in formatting and arrangement is now lost. The pitiful support for retrieving content was as good as useless. The guidelines almost non existent and the solutions abysmal I tried downloading in the format given for Wordpress and all I got was text I could have just copied and pasted to a new blog of my choice, which would have been blogger, but after wasting so much time with the totally useless so called support I gave up and started from scratch. After years of convincing others to move to what used to be one of the best browsers, built in mail client and the superb Notes feature, all now gone from the latest version that now resembles a cobbled together copy of Firefox, I have now got many people asking me what to do about their lost content, I have no solutions for them.
    I am appalled by the attitude of the once fine folks at Opera and in future will recommend people to avoid it like the plague. You guys really suck.

    And to add to that my follow up post was blocked as "Spam"
    90 seconds between posts? Is this forum only for those with no keyboard skills?
    You guys should concentrate on fixing your commercial software for aircraft entertainment systems which has frustrated me on many occasions with its constant crashes and inconsistent behaviour.
    I suggest you just give up actually before you actually crash something important, like an aeroplane.
    Enough already.

  • @Burma-road

    The arrogance of Opera astounds me.

    Your arrogance astounds me. Copying and pasting the same rant to multiple threads is not using your keyboard skills, it is called “flooding,” which should entail an instant ban as it did on the previous forums.

    Although I agree that the limits are currently too restrictive, the way that you're going on about it really sucks.

    Users were warned many months ago about saving their blogs and other content. The TOS make it clear that the services could be terminated at any time.

    You have no right at all to complain about a free service that you have enjoyed for years even if their servers crashed and you lost everything overnight — it is your data, so it's your duty to keep backups if it matters to you.

  • @Burma-rude

  • It seems that posting two comments in a row on the same topic triggers some antispam protection.