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Pages loading with "blocks" of "stuff" obscuring them, often have to reload to get rid of them.

  • Web pages have suddenly this week started loading wonky. Blocks of "stray" info are in the way (maybe less than 20% of the full page, but obscuring what's underneath) - superimposed over the web page that should be visible. Sometimes just sweeping the cursor over the area will remove it, sometimes not, and then I have to do a reload of the page to get rid of them. It's a pain, and time consuming to be loading twice so many web pages - it's doing on about half of all web pages.

  • What's your version of Opera? Not happening in other browsers or applications??
    Not clear. If it's either a malware or decoding issue or your graphics... No system updates recently? Or any other updates worth mentioning?

  • can you grab a screenshot when that happens? it would help a lot...

  • I have it too. Been happening for some time. Only when I have java script disabled on specific web sites.
    Same thing happens on Chrome!!!

  • I think I have this issue too. Big black boxes appearing out of nowhere with jumbled images and text from the previous web page you were on?

  • Does the issue happens with hardware acceleration disabled?

  • Only when I have java script disabled on specific web sites.

    Try recalling the sites it happens on. Interesting to look at their script patterns etc.

  • Same problem here with certain websites, example (other city newspapers use the same format).
    Refreshing page usually clears the problem. Tried on my dad's Windows 7 computer, same problem at times.
    No issues using Firefox. (Default settings..both computers). Both are older computers. Will play with hardware acceleration, java script settings and see what happens.

  • @59er
    it's either hardware acceleration or
    some of the flags (try reset them to default and see)

  • No, enabling/disabling hardware acceleration doesn't help.
    Same effect with resetting flags to default ... still those annoying black boxes unfortunately.
    Tried unsuccessfully with 2 different computers (Win7 Pro SP1, Opera 33.0.1990.115)

    1 example

    [](' target='_blank)

  • Have you tried deleting your cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Del)? How about viewing the page in a private window, which would disable all of your extensions. See if that helps.

  • Thank you @lando242 for your reply.
    Deleting cookies, cleaning history, etc doesn't help.
    However somehow viewing the page in a private window works ... so far so good.

    But it ain't solution for the problem, all it started with the new Opera 33 browser.
    A friend of mine have exactly same issue and he has no extensions installed in his O33 browser (its extension manager list is empty), so it may be not extension based issue.

    Btw, it happens not only on Opera browsers ... also on Chrome browsers (google chrome black boxes).
    And not only on browsers working on Windows based operating systems. From Opera for Android forum I found and discussion with similar issue

  • I've had this problem too, usually rectangles of black appearing but also occasionally other images or text appearing where they shouldn't. It's not consistent, I might get it on a page but then revisiting that page later it won't happen.

    Seems to be display related as if I flip to another tab and then back to the problem page the problem usually goes away and the problem page is redrawn correctly.

    I'm using Opera 33.0.1990.115