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Opera speed test degradation compared to Chrome

  • Opera's speed test using shows the speed is degraded compared to using same test with Chrome.
    When I run the Opera download test, the speed gradually rises until it finally maxes out. In other words, there is a rising slope at the front of each block. On small block transfers the speed never reaches maximum.
    When run with Chrome, there is no similar rising slope at the front of a block, the speed reaches maximum almost right away.
    The upload test also shows anomalies not present on Chrome.
    My speed maxes out at 10 Mbps. Which is all I'm going to get way out in the hinterlands.
    BTW, the reason why I migrated off V12 is that my speed only showed 4 Mbps.

  • Hasn't anyone tried this? It's pretty simple to compare to another browser.

  • I've just tested here and didn't notice any big difference from Chrome. In both the speed gradually rised.

  • I've tested this for a couple of days.

    The results for Chrome, Opera and Firefox are pretty much the same.

    The results for IE make no sense at all. Way too low.

  • Make sure your Turbo is off whe you do*;)*
    Because if it's on, the way the traffic goes necessarily includes a certain server somewhere in Scandinavia*;)* thus establishing routes will take a bit longer*:P*

  • Turbo is off. But when I do use Turbo, results are slower and the slope effect is greater.
    There seems to be a higher latency time with Opera, about 10% longer than Chrome.
    I am still seeing a slight slope effect on the beginning of blocks that is not there on Chrome.

  • Maybe some "tracking/no tracking" extension or other app? Or something trying to mess with your connection that way? Some active protection from your AV or other such thing?
    Have you customised Opera's network access somehow?

  • Those are good questions. I had to look at my "Private Firewall" app, and I have all my browsers set to do no checking. The behavior appears as if there is no memory available for each block and a delay sets in until more memory is fetched, when finally there is sufficient memory so the speed levels off. That is all I can think of.
    I do not have anything else running in the background, except Windows Defender.