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  • when I start my computer and I open the opera for the first time it takes a little to open but it opens normally after that

  • De-fragment your hard drive ?, or maybe clear the browser cache ?.

  • I have formatted my computer recently, I do not believe in that.

  • What about the second part of my comment ?.

  • I installed opera a few days ago, on Sunday, is there a lot of cache in just 4 days? And that problem I had it with 18 and 19 version

  • I have no idea, it depends on your surfing habits and how much you have been surfing (what sites and how many different ones) in those 4 days.

  • It may also depend on what security software you're using.

    But watch for the Opera 21 Stable release, 21 contains improvements to the start-up time.

  • I will try the opera developer 21

  • Which antivírus should I use?

  • I don't know... I always recommend avast! or Avira.
    There is a known case where ESET affects Opera start-up so other anti-virus/firewall software might interfere too.

    Another tip, if you don't do this already, is to put your computer to sleep/suspend rather than shutting it down as the programs will load faster when you wake it up.

    If Opera 21 doesn't help, I think buying a SDD is the only solution as HDDs are the slowest part of last-gen PCs.

  • Which antivírus should I use?

    I use Windows Defender,which came with Win 8.

  • Which antivírus should I use?

    I use Windows Defender,which came with Win 8.

    is it good? I used to use microsoft security essencials but it is slow to perform a full scan

  • From what I know Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender used to be good, now if you look at AV-Comparatives detection rates it's the dotted line below almost (if not all) other tested anti-virus. It's not recommended anymore.

  • I tested opera 21 and it opens faster

  • Perhaps if you have a lot of speed dials, it takes time to find the images for them.

  • Upon startup, Opera reads some data from the profile. In my case, it's 60 MB and 2-3 seconds till the start page is ready. If only the first launch is taking long, it's most probably due to some disk or system issue, not Opera's. As for antivirus, I'd recommend any industry-standard suite. I'm using ESET Smart Security - the one with the firewall - and it's me who has got the issue that Rafael has mentioned, Opera startup time 10 seconds. We found a solution, though, and I still doubt that it's anything on ESET part, as Chromium has been known to be having strange ways with disk. Otherwise, I'm quite happy with ESET. I don't even use AdBlock because ads are cut off by the firewall.

    In your case, I'd look at the following:

    • how much data is read upon startup (in the Task Manager). 30-60 MB - OK, 500 MB - too much.
    • try running Opera with a clean profile (temporarily move the existing profile data somewhere) and see if the problem persists.
    • use ProcMon to trace what happens upon startup (look for suspicious disk activity and highest duration operations).
    • why not migrate to SSD anyway. Its speed dramatically changes the entire user experience.
  • Opera is working fine now
    BTW I use AVG,

  • I have version 8 of Opera Mini but I'm
    having trouble logging in to Opera Link. In
    previous versions (7.1, 4.5 and 3) Opera
    Link functioned normally. I want to thank
    and congratulate the whole team for this
    excellent browser. ^ ^

  • I'm bringing this topic up just to say that my previous comment about ESET issue with Opera start-up is no longer relevant. Either ESET or Opera have changed something and now it works perfectly. I'm using Smart Security 7 and Opera 22.

  • I have, too issues with Opera 24 opening (with ESET Smart Security 7 & 8 Beta), but like others only the first time. If I put opera in ESS Exlusions list, will that solve the problem?

    Thanks & enjoy!