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  • hi, I want to excuse for my English.
    Do you think to create a petition for reintroduce all great features in opera 12.16 in the new opera? I'm very sad for the new opera isn't usable like old version.
    The usability is goes down!
    I don't accept this wrong way.
    In old opera I've got over 1000 bookmarks and over 5000 notes!
    In this thread don't mention an extensions, they aren't usable as built-in.
    An extension could close in future or could become a payment!
    I can open a petition in Italy , but in English I need of your help.
    Old opera 12.16 is going to become unusable on a lots of website.
    It's a ugly gift that Opera made at all old users.
    I can't use another browser because anything is good as Opera 12.16.
    Thanks for you that read this message in horribly English. 🙂
    Then, we'll make a petition? 🙂

  • There are probably dozens of them by now, no need to create another.

  • The issue of comparing New Opera with Old Opera has been going on for nearly a year. The arguments that could be made about the impact of the various now-missing features, have virtually all been made - many times over. Petitions that might have been drafted, have been made - many times over. All that is now 'new' in this troubled, tired scenario are the impacts of various features/improvements slowly being added to New Opera and the fresh comments from users just now discovering for themselves the differences between the Old and New browsers. The complaint ground has already been covered and heavily trampled, in terms of the topics continuing to be complained about.

    Petitions are somewhat useful in democracies where governmental entities respond to popular outcry. They have very limited usefulness with respect to businesses, who base most of their decisions on actual sales statistics from the marketplace. Online petitions have almost no value whatever, if only because of the near-impossibility of assuring a person can sign only once... consequently the signature count can be (and often is) illegitimately inflated beyond all reason.

  • Fact that Chropera fall to round 1% of browsers share tells more than any petition. Newertheless there's no answer. Except from fanboys, of course 🙂

  • A petition is a lost cause. Even the founder of Opera agrees

    Enjoy Opera 12 as long as it lasts, meanwhile pick another other browser and try gradually changing your browsing habits. No developers will respond to your petitions and the neo-Opera fanboy-evangelists will rush to defend how Chrome-with-different-skin (aka Opera 15+) is a better browser.

  • A better suggestion is to stick with your older version of Opera (which you love and which is perfectly usable) and install a copy of the newer version so you can watch its development.

  • The newer version so far is pretty bad. You can't even right click on a web page, and send the link, through the default mail program. The bookmarks are still backward. You can have a personal bookmarks toolbar for important folders, but no menu item bookmark bar to store large collections of bookmarks (something all of the other competing browsers have. Some of the stuff that Opera 20 doesn't have is so basic, it's beyond the pale, that it's still not there.

    But the only choice is to use what you like (Opera 12.16 for example, with its wonderful range of features), and hope the Opera developers listen to how inadequate for most users Opera 20 is so far, and make changes, before the user base totally deserts.