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Can I add another Speed Dial on the Speed Dial page, or somewhere else?

  • I have too many bookmarks right now on my Speed Dial page to scroll through conveniently. No, I don't like your folder solution. I'm using Windows 7.

    I found this, but I'm not a programmer. Thank you.

  • The page talks about an old version of Opera.

    You can try changing Maximum number of columns in settings > browser > start page.

  • Thanks, leocg. I already have 5 columns, and 30 rows! I was trying to keep the bookmarks I use the most on a main Speed Dial and put the extraneous on another.

    So the new Opera is new, but not improved? Interesting.

    What is 'Other Speed Dials' then, under 'Speed Dial' in 'Bookmark'?

  • "Other Speed Dials" are speed dials on other machines or devices that you have synced to OPera's servers. They allow you to access all your different speed dials on all your different devices.

    There are extensions that replace the speed dial page. I would have a look into them and see if one of those does what you want.

  • Whoa. I have no idea what you just said about 'other speed dials'. That's okay, now I know it is not what I thought.

    Interesting about the extensions. I'll take a look.

    Thank you, lando.

  • Thanks, all. I'll need better glasses soon, but I came up with a solution that works for me, since I'm sure there are no updates in the near future.

    I lowered the zoom percentage to 75%, and that gives me 8 columns (90% gave me 6), which gives me all the bookmarks I use on a regular basis. Although they are quite difficult to read.

    I bet no one in programming thought a percentage that gave 7 columns might be useful, now did they. I COULD have used 7 columns.

    The extensions feature is interesting, but I'll never be able to figure out an extension that will do what I want.

  • There is native option to make 7 columns, but it depends on your screen resolution. If you have too low resolution, it cant give you more columns without zooming out.

    Its hidden in advanced setting, you can set from 3 to 11 columns.

  • Just so you know, the speed dial isn't meant to have ALL you bookmarks on it. Its for pages you use regularly. Like several times a day. You might look into something like V7 bookmarks (adds bookmarks to the Opera sidebar) or the bookmarks toolbar if you want quick access to all your bookmarks.

  • stanislavstratil, that is where I found the bump up to more columns. I guess I have low resolution.

    lando242, yes, I understand. I was being lazy, since I didn't want to go to the Bookmarks sidebar. I have the same bookmarks set up in Folders, I just don't like clicking. I just thought the idea of multiple Speed Dials, like multiple tabs, was a good idea.

    Or not.