Opera 33 - Cookie exception does not work for espn

  • Hi all,

    I recently moved from opera 12.17 to "new" opera, version 33.0 at this time.

    Under settings i enable cookie setting "Block third-party cookies and site data".

    For all sites i need cookies i create exceptions, this worked in opera 12 fine for me and it does in opera 33, with one exception.

    I can not manage to get the login at espn.go.com work as long as the thrid party cookie block is enabled.
    As soon as i disable it the site logs me on by itself, even without reloading the page.

    When i enable it again i immediatly get logged out.

    I have no problem to set more exceptions but it does not work.

    When i capture the network traffic i can see a cookie with parameter "block.check=1" and a "auth=disneyid" entry.

    But i only get cookies from espn.go.com and espn.com which are in the exception list.

    Does anyone understand how this works and how i can get it to work without disabling the 3rd party blocking ?



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