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Video Plays in IE, But Not Opera 32

  • Seems to be Flash video. Plays fine here with Opera 32. Make sure flash plugin is installed and enabled: opera://plugins/

  • Latest Flash is installed and shows

    "Congratulations, your computer has the latest Flash Player installed."

    as well as the flash image on the flash test page.

    When I click on the button that shows the Play button, absolutely NOTHING happens at all.


  • Have you tried disabling ad blockers, if any?

  • Ok, obviously I DO have the latest Flash, all add blockers and extensions disabled continue to give me the same problem, before I updated Flash to latest Version all my videos would play automatically, now they still do, BUT when I click on "Top Videos" at the tope of the page, NONE of those work..videos that are part of a story DO play perfectly. Click the play button ion the middle of the video gives me NOTHING, it's as if I am clicking on a blank space on a web page.

    Doing a search for flash videos in Google gives me many flash pages, and all of them work fine...this issue seems limited to O32 and nbcnews (and only the "Top Videos" section) on my system (win7 64bit)

    I also went to this Adobe page and tried everything, ALL examples of Flahs videos work fine.

    Still perplexed.

  • I've been having the same problems with O32 and the Adobe Flash Player. I cannot get my SiriusXM radio to play online now for over a week! It plays fine in IE (I hate IE!). I have UNINSTALLED Adobe Flash, downloaded it, and installed it over and over again, almost on a DAILY BASIS, and it simply refuses to work in O32. And my videos won't play unless I click on the "Run Flash Plug-in" button in the gray box. Here's the rub...

    If I ENABLE Adobe Flash, I get the gray boxes in videos. If I DISABLE Adobe Flash, the gray boxes GO AWAY and they all play perfectly, but SIRIUSXM refuses to work and tells me I need the latest Adobe Flash. So I ENABLE Adobe Flash, and the SiriusXM sort of works, but just sits there going "LOADING" with nothing else.

    WHO played around with Adobe Flash, and WHY? If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT! It is no one else's problem but O32. It's YOUR problem to fix. I've enjoyed my SIRIUSXM through Opera for YEARS until THIS has happened, and the "THIS" is O32 screwing around with Adobe Flash.

    I have been a LOYAL Opera user for over 15 years now. Get it together, people!

  • Dude, you need to chill out. Either you need to open Settings, go to Plug-ins section and make sure its not set to 'click to play' or you need to turn off Opera Turbo, which is in the Opera menu. Either way we don't deserve to be pelted with your capslock rantings just because you are having trouble figuring it out. You get sweeter answers when you ask with honey. You get me if you start out with the vinegar.

  • Tried the video. Wouldn't play.

    Disabled extensions Ad-guard and Flash-block on that particular site.

    Works OK.

    Do you have any "blockers" installed?