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Opera's pioneering features

  • Hi all,

    I've been using Opera for a while (10 years).

    Curious - which features did Opera bring to the market? What was unique?

    I for one know it just 'worked' the way I needed. It truly was a web browser's Browser 🙂

    Wasn't sure where else to put this. Hope it's ok here.



  • The "Turbo" mode?

    People say even tabs. No?

    FULLY customisable layout.
    Speed dial?

  • Tabs (apparently) was from a browser called InternetWorks

    Speed Dial - I think so too.
    Turbo. Maybe too. They specialised in mobile phones, and on the slower / old-tech mobiles (and when data usage was (and still is)) an issue, it works well.
    Customisable - I think that's true too

    Thank you for responding.

    Compressing web pages? First to implement?

  • They weren't the first to compress pages but they were the first to do so within the browser itself. I forget the name of the application that I used to use for it (it was a long time ago) but it was nice when Opera added it. The other application ran separately and you had to configure your proxy to use localhost to use the application. It degraded images quite a bit and compressed text a great deal. It had variables you could change. Then Opera added a turbo mode which was nice. At the time, I was a paying customer - we had to license Opera back then.

  • Loading pages with or without the images and the "fit to width" feature.

  • Wow. I'd forgotten the fit to width. That was awesome. These days I end up using a variety of Stylish scripts.

  • What about customisable sounds? Like Windows notification sounds?
    I'm not aware of any other browser having had that built-in. :idea:

  • I bumped into someone who was quite a zealous Firefox fan, rather rabid really, and was quite confident that Firefox was the first to support CSS. It made me giggle a little and reminded me of this thread.

    I seem to recall that CSS was first supported in Opera but not completely. IE beat Opera to the gun with getting 100% support. Anyhow, that was a while ago and I dug out some links for 'em and showed them some dates. They also were really certain that Firefox had done tabs first. I don't think Opera was the first to do tabs but they were really close to it.

    I should have saved the links. Oh well... The guy who worked on CSS also worked with Opera before or after that. I don't recall which. There's a not-so-good version history on Wikipedia that I remember finding while digging. There's some information there that might be of interest but it doesn't seem to be complete.

  • This is such an old thread that no one may see this, but way back in my windows 95/98 days (15-some years ago), I used Opera because it had a multiple document interface. This was before tabs, and multiple sites opened in the same window. Other browsers I used (Internet Explorer and Netscape are the only ones I remember) used a single document interface that allowed opening a site in a different window.

    The one advantage to MDI (that I remember) was having search results in one document and opening sites in a different document so the search result sites visited changed color. With SDI (at the time), the search results window wouldn't change when you opened a site in a different window. I stopped using Opera when my laptop with 1024x768 screen died, and I appropriated my wife's laptop (800x600 screen). The smaller screen made the MDI impractical.

    Even though I stopped using Opera, I kept it around until it switched to SDI. As I recall, there wasn't much then different from the other browsers. Speed wasn't as much of a concern then, since the web wasn't image heavy, and RealVideo (3 fps?) was state of the art (I was using a 56K dialup modem at the time).

  • MDI was nice, I liked it.

  • I was and still am a big advocate of MDI. True MDI meant being able to have multiple subwindows in your application window - Microsoft actually defined it, but they only used it in their office-type software (Word, etc.). Primarily that meant desired pop-ups (to view a larger version of a thumbnail, for example) could appear inside Opera at the correct size without resizing the entire application; you can't do that with any of the current browsers.

    Did Opera invent the internal pop-up blocker? I did especially like the way Presto let you prevent pages from blocking the context menu.

  • I would like to see the ability to use the VPN of Opera continue outside of the browser. Like with Bit Torrent.

    This is my second post to this forum. So I'm probably not doing what I should. I need to find a listing of how to use the Forum. Like search for my other post. 🙂

    I love the VPN. I like where you hover over a tab and get a view of the tab contents. Now if I could only get it to stop looking so UGLY.

  • To find all your posts, just click on your name - or at the top of the page hover your avatar and click on Profile. Discussions (the default) will include all threads you started, while Comments lists all your other posts. There are probably other ways but those are the ones I know of.

  • Now if I could only get it to stop looking so UGLY.

    Just search in settings "Show tab previews"