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Win 10 and Opera 31 & 32 not working

  • I am afraid I am going to have to join the frustrated club of people who have Opera but it doesn't work consistently. Or in my case, the problem always presents in the same way. After 5 minutes, the browser just hangs. Doesn't matter what I do, if left alone sitting on or if I am actively using it. The browser just hangs up and the only thing I can do is shut it down through process explorer.

    The weird thing is prior to this Windows 10 update, the program worked just fine and I was running version 31 of opera. Now after the windows 10 update (which MS if forcing upon their customers, most you can do is reschedule), the program shows this freezing behavior. It is then when I did the latest update to Opera and got version 32. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to do anything positive in fixing the problem.

    I've already been through the battery of changes in terms of compatibility settings for the program and nothing seems to work. I read the various threads about users having problems and it seem like all of them are slightly different, but always on Windows 10.

    Is there anyway I can get a developer instrumented build or something that generates copious amounts of logging that will be useful to the developers? I'm willing to work with them to see if they can at least reproduce some of what might be going on.

    Long time user, first time poster

  • I have two Win10 machines, one with Opera 32 and one with Opera 33 and 34 and they all work fine.

    Standard gamut:

    • Run CCleaner

    • Ensure flash, java are up to date (if installed)

    • Ensure your security software is up to date (temporarily disable it for troubleshooting), if applicable

    • Uninstal/Reinstall Opera

  • Any extensions being used? If so, have you tried with them disabled?

    Try also with plugins disabled.

  • new installed windows 10 with latest updates

    install latest stable opera 32


  • new installed windows 10 with latest updates
    install latest stable opera 32

    Seems to be a different issue so please open another topic.

    Meanwhile check your drivers and hardware.

  • Use Event Viewer or bluescreenview (free download) to troubleshoot the BSOD.

    Ensure your sound and video drivers are current (get them from the OEM--nVidia, AMD, Intel, Creative, et. al.--and you can disable Windows Update driver updates, which tends to cause problems).