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  • Okay, I'm going back to my previous setup: Firefox for gmail and banking, Chrome for forums (or possibly Opera 32), and Opera 12 for general browsing. I think I'll try Opera again by version 40 (by that time we'll also have Vivaldi 0.5, perhaps).

    In fact, the only reason why I used the new Opera instead of Chrome is because Opera has thicker window borders (the thin borders on Chrome make it very difficult to resize the browser).

    I can live with some of the lack of features in Opera 32, but now Opera has a new feature: when the internet connection drops out, all tabs become blank. And they stay blank until the internet comes back on again, then the pages become visible again. And when I start Opera, the speed dial does not appear, nor do any web pages load, until Opera has done some sort of housekeeping in the background, for 30-60 seconds. Also this Opera does not remember passwords reliably (for many pages I have had to resort to writing down the passwords because Opera does not remember them). And the fact that I can't downloaded open files from within Opera (e.g. DOC, XLS, PDF) is an extreme bother. Oh, and the fact that Opera 32 does not remember the previous download location, but always defaults to a pre-set download folder. And... what else... the inaccessible downloads tab. And the fact that the web page title no longer appears in the window bar (which means I have to hover over the Windows taskbar if I'm curious about it). And the fact that I can't set JavaScript options, meaning some advertising web pages get to ask me "are you sure you want to close this page" when I try to close them, and you can only answer "yes" with your mouse. And undeleted tabs appear not in their original positions but at the far right.

  • You preset the downlod folder yourself, though I can see where remembering the previous location until Opera is shut down would be good. And I presume you mean open files directly - once the file has been saved you can open it just fine.

  • the best web browser than google chrome i had bored watching only white screen in google chrome and in microsoft edge the issue is that speed is very slow but in opera there are no this issues