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Opera crashes when downloading files

  • Hello!

    Ever since I upgraded Opera to version 31 on both my computers (laptop and desktop), I can't download files any more. Every single time I start a download, Opera crashes to desktop. This started happening under Windows 8.1 on both computers, and still remains after upgrading to Windows 10. I've tried a clean re-install of Opera on one of the computers with no success. Upgrading to version 32 (the latest build) did not help either.

    This is getting really frustrating, and if I can't find a fix I'll have to find another web browser to use, as the ability to download files is quite fundamental...

    Does anybody have similar experiences, and perhaps a solution for me?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Can you please post the contents of the error reports that show up in Event Viewer when Opera crashes?

  • Also, does it happen after upgrading to Opera 32?

  • I have the same problem, both on my work PC (Laptop W7) and home computer (Desktop, W10).

    I have now upgraded to Opera 32, but this did not help. I only use stable versions of Opera.

  • I have experienced the same problem, though not dug deeply into it. It seems a failure having to use Internet Explorer in parallel to Opera, so hopefully this item will be solved by the wise men.

  • Hello, lando242!

    I tried looking through the Event Viewer right after provoking Opera to crash, but I can't find any entries that seem to relate to Opera. Either I'm looking in the wrong place, or whatever is happening either does not register in the log or is related to some driver/software outside of Opera.

    Are there any other places where I could hope to find any error data?

  • idrin: Yes, it still happens after upgrading to version 32.

    In a way it's nice to hear that others are experiencing the same problem - it's nice to know I'm not alone! 🙂 Hopefully some solution will turn up, it's a hassle having to copy-paste all download links into Edge to be able to download anything...

  • Hello again!

    No ideas at all?

    I've checked the Event Viewer several times, but this crash does not seem to trigger anything that causes an event to be created there...

  • @tbrokke
    There are two ways you can help pinpoint the crash:

    1. The easier one (from your point of view). Please configure the following environment variable

      with the value of any email you would like to have the crash be reported. That way you will get the info that your crash has been reported and then you can report it via the Opera bugwizard and provide the link you got.

    2. The harder one, but still useful. You can configure the environment variable

      with the value 1. After a crash occurs, the crashlog is stored in the Temp folder. You would have to obtain the crashlog then and while reporting via the Opera bugwizard, attach it there.

    It does not matter if the env variable is a system one or an user one; you can use either.

    Also, here is the bugwizard link:

    Hope it helps both you and the Opera team. 🙂

  • @idrin,

    Thank you for your input! I tried adding both of those environment variables, and then deliberately provoked Opera to crash a couple of times, but no E-mail is sent to me, and nothing is generated in the Temp folder (I can find the file opera_crashreporter.txt there, but it's empty).

    To me it seems like Opera just closes down "normally" when a download is being initiated, and that it's not registering as a crash/error...

  • The problem is that you have Nynorsk as language in the browser. It's fixed and should be working very soon. You can change language in the meantime to for example Norsk bokmÃ¥l.

  • @supertommyy,

    Wow, thanks a LOT! That actually fixed it! :yes:

    Glad to hear it's nothing more serious, at least!

    Thanks again, have a great day! And thanks to everyone else who has tried to help me out here! 🆙

  • You're welcome. 🙂

  • Seems to be fixed in 32.0.1948.69.

    No vert han Vetle-Ivar glad.