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YouTube video CPU usage - 12.17 vs Stable (31)

  • With my installation of 12.17, YouTube video (Flash) CPU usage is virtually none. Even with HD, it's still pretty low. But with 31, SD resolution CPU goes around 30. I have have tried both Flash and HTML5. Is it normal that Blink is kinda "heavier" than Presto, and with older desktop pc (2,8Ghz Dual core), CPU usage is higher? I'm just wondering this difference in CPU usage. I'm not complaining too much, since videos still plays smoothly.

  • It would be more appropriate to compare Opera 31 to the latest version of Chrome. If you notice Opera using more CPU there is probably a problem. If they are about the same then everything is fine.

  • Well, i don't have chrome. But i tested with Firefox, and with that YT HTLM5 video CPU usage is lower.

  • Firefox, like Opera 12, is an older codebase and is missing several features that Chromium based browsers have. As I said, its not really an appropriate comparison as they are very different beasts. The browser that is most similar to Opera 31 is Chrome. If you want to know if Opera is having a problem solely by comparing it to other web browser than Chrome is the standard you should be using.

  • Need to add that, with FF HW-acceleration on and off makes quite a difference (ON better). But with Opera, difference is pretty minimal. I have found that sites with animations etc elements works better with HWA off, so i like to keep it disabled.

  • I was able to lower the CPU usage by disabling 'Media Source API'. At least with HTML5 videos, for example YT, it helped when CPU usage was quite high at the begin of the videos (and then lowered down after a while). Then compined with enabled HWA, general CPU usage went down some percents.