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Opera stops accepting keyboard input - kinda

  • Posting this from Chrome - because I too have suddenly started to have this issue. Dev tools open, latest Opera, Windows 7 Pro 64 - very frustrating!

  • Version 34 on Win 8.1 64bit, experiencing the same problem.

    Version: 34.0.2036.25
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

  • I am also having this problem. Restarting fixes it, but that's not very convenient. I'm able to type in the address bar but no where else.

    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
    Opera Version: 34.0.2036.25

  • Still happening here very occasionaly.
    Opera 35.0.2066.10, Windows 10

  • actually had this. thought it was a dud add-on.
    one factor of the bug was that it did work for some fields, but ignored the [ins] setting, meaning i was overtyping what i had already done.

  • also having this problem - no dev tools whatsoever. win8. very very very frustrating. please focus on this as it renders browser unusable. alway have many tabs open, hate to restart browser more than anything

  • I had the same problem since version 32. I was so fed up with it that I was about to dump Opera. The only fix that works so far is to completely disable mouse gestures and use a different mouse gesture extension for chrome. So far, haven't seen a single lock up since. Something about the mouse gesture that is built into Opera is locking up and preventing any input. This often occurs on any web sites using Adobe Flash.

    If it wasn't for the lack of updates for Coolnovo, I would have stayed with Coolnovo and dumped Opera a long time ago. Opera is barely usable only with adding about 5 to 6 extensions to enable simple Tab management options such as opening pages in a background tab, preventing the closing of application when the last tab has been closed, setting a new start page or replacing the crappy built-in speed dial software. Speed dial 2 is generations ahead of the garbage that Opera uses. Its sad how a great browser turned to crap by developers who doesn't listen to their own customers. They keep adding useless features and won't fix the things that makes browsing bearable by adding more tab browsing options. I hope they actually pay attention to the UI more instead of focusing on stupid changes like rewording "Opera" on the upper left corner to "Menu". Give me a break.

  • Opera developer 36.0, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have the same issue after using gesture (close tab)

    • Its sad how a great browser turned to crap by developers who doesn't listen to their own customers*

    I miss about Opera ver.12

  • Opera developer 36.0, Ubuntu 14.04

    This is Opera for Windows' forum. You will most probably have better luck if you post in Opera for *nix forum.

  • Opera developer 36.0, Ubuntu 14.04

    This is Opera for Windows' forum. You will most probably have better luck if you post in Opera for *nix forum.

    But problem exactly the same.

  • The problem like vanguardkeep still present. When you open "device mode" keyboard stops working

  • Now here's the kicker: I'm using Opera 12, essentially a different program, and I met with the same problem. Now it's ok again. It seems to get it working normally again, I need to restart. I believe the developers did something remotely that broke something.

  • Opera beta 36.0 does the same i had to write this comment on a notepad and copy it here.

  • Still no fix?

  • The same happens to me, this is really annoying. I've been an Opera user for years, I'm really used to it but if I cannot find a solution to this, I'm afraid I'll have to start chroming or something and I really hope not to do so.

  • Same problem here.
    Opera version 35.0.2066.92.
    Windows 10.

  • Same issue here, very annoying. Version 35.0.2066.92 on Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    It triggers when I use mobile view in developer tools.

  • Same issue. Has happened several times before during the past 6 months but it seems like this 'feature' is not going anywhere.

    35.0.2066.92 & Windows 10 64-bit (WoW64)

    Edit: Possibly triggered by copy & paste but only occasionally.

  • This is very frustrating and still happens to me in every version from several months. Now I'm using:

    Version: 35.0.2066.92
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

    and writing from IE because keyboard wasn't working in Opera and the browser needs to be restarted every time. facepalm I always reproduce it when I open the developer tools to inspect elements on a site I'm developing and trying the Mobile view. Please fix this because it's really unusable.

  • P.S. I have these extentions enabled if relevant:

    Bulk Image Downloader

    Download Chrome Extension
    Version 2.2.4

    Multicheck Checkbox Checker
    Version 2.4

    Version 0.11.11

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