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Opera stops accepting keyboard input - kinda

  • Same issue for me. Keyboard + mouse gestures suddenly stop working. Please help, this is quite vexing and happens regularly 😞 And thanks for this otherwise-cool browser 🙂

    Version: 32.0.1948.69
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • opera notified me every time I've opened a pdf-file through opera browser that some adobe reader plugin is not supported anymore.
    After I deactivated this plugin (or at least I think that I've done that), Opera is working flawlessly.

  • I have to copy paste this from notepad because I have the same issue.
    Brb restart my Opera.
    LOL not even ctrl-v works

    I thought it was just me! It seems as if it gets stuck in some sort of mode with the right-click button or something. I can't type any text because either nothing happens or I activate a shortcut such as opening a new tab. Copy and pasting text from Notepad into a field usually gets me out of this mode. I have the same problem with Chrome and Avant, so this is a Chromium issue. I disabled the PDF plugin, so hopefully that will fix it.

  • I have the same problem. Randomly, when opening a new tab the keyboard does not function.
    I use in my business in 60 computers. They all have this problem.

    OPERA 33.0.1990.58
    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

  • opera does not respond to mouse clicks and keyboard input.
    OPERA 33.0.1990.58 Windows 7 Ultimate X64

  • Correction:
    It seems like the problem was the PDF x-change viewer plugin.

  • I've had a problem recently. That is to say, the past few weeks I think, I didn't quite keep track.
    Anyway it's becoming quite a nuisance. You see, while browsing, and what seems to be at random, Opera will completely stop responding to keyboard input.
    Actually that's not true. Sometimes, I can type text in the address bar and generally anything in the top part of the screen. For instance, I was able to press F11 for fullscreen while my mouse was up there, but not otherwise. Curiously, this didn't work in one window, but did in another.
    My only clue to this problem is mouse gestures. You see, gestures also stop working. I'm often able to pull off the single direction ones, such as open Speed Dial (down), but not close tab (down, right) which is the one I use the most. I also noticed the problem generally occurred after I had been closing multiple tabs this way. This would also explain why it affected one window more than another, as one of them apparently locks up in a gesture or something like that.
    At one point, I was able to reset this issue by re-plugging my mouse, but usually it requires a browser restart to fix.
    Another thing that may be worth noting is that I keep a massive amounts of tabs open across multiple windows. I rarely run out of memory though.
    So does anyone have similar problems, or better yet, a solution? I'm going to assume it's only present in the current version, which for me is the latest beta. I realize this means I should expect issues, but it's been good to me so far.

    This alao happend on developer tools, this happend to me too

  • Hi all - the issue was investigated for some time and it seems that the solution has been found. As described here, the newest beta should contain the fix. Would you please care to check out if it works for you? Thanks!

  • Beta v34 did not fix my problem.

    Mine occurs solely whenever I have DevTools open while at the same time the Device Mode toggle is set to a mobile device as viewport.

    Only my keyboard (and not my mouse) stops responding. That applies to the entire site I'm viewing with mobile viewport emulation but also all other input elements on all of the other tabs as well! Except the address bar, thank God. The problem seems to be limited to that; when I press the toggle again and click on the refresh button (F5 doesn't work yet) at least the keyboard responds again. But as things are right now, I am unable to test adjustments to websites for whom I'm updating their mobile versions and see the result instantly. Pretty annoying.

  • @idrin
    I'm experiencing this on developer channel (and I update it regularly)
    so if beta is successor from developers builds it looks like it didn't fixed
    unless fix is beta-only (and not dev)
    using latest 35.0.2060.0

    on my side, it happens when some of the mouse gestures fails somehow....
    for instance, if I perform DOWN-RIGHT to close the tab, and the tab gets closed, but context menu gets stuck on newly focused tab (I can cancel it by clicking somewhere, but it shouldn't breach out)
    From that moment I can't type, use mouse gestures, click on bookmarks bar or static bars on Facebook and twitter
    Sometimes on all tabs, sometimes only on some tabs, newly created were not infected

    I think this started to happening when extra mouse gestures were introduced... around 7-9 months ago
    there some weird combo of browser.js and mouse gestures not triggering correctly (or finishing)... if i had to guess

  • @idrin
    still happens in beta, the situation that I described in previous post

  • Posting this from Chrome - because I too have suddenly started to have this issue. Dev tools open, latest Opera, Windows 7 Pro 64 - very frustrating!

  • Version 34 on Win 8.1 64bit, experiencing the same problem.

    Version: 34.0.2036.25
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

  • I am also having this problem. Restarting fixes it, but that's not very convenient. I'm able to type in the address bar but no where else.

    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
    Opera Version: 34.0.2036.25

  • Still happening here very occasionaly.
    Opera 35.0.2066.10, Windows 10

  • actually had this. thought it was a dud add-on.
    one factor of the bug was that it did work for some fields, but ignored the [ins] setting, meaning i was overtyping what i had already done.

  • also having this problem - no dev tools whatsoever. win8. very very very frustrating. please focus on this as it renders browser unusable. alway have many tabs open, hate to restart browser more than anything

  • I had the same problem since version 32. I was so fed up with it that I was about to dump Opera. The only fix that works so far is to completely disable mouse gestures and use a different mouse gesture extension for chrome. So far, haven't seen a single lock up since. Something about the mouse gesture that is built into Opera is locking up and preventing any input. This often occurs on any web sites using Adobe Flash.

    If it wasn't for the lack of updates for Coolnovo, I would have stayed with Coolnovo and dumped Opera a long time ago. Opera is barely usable only with adding about 5 to 6 extensions to enable simple Tab management options such as opening pages in a background tab, preventing the closing of application when the last tab has been closed, setting a new start page or replacing the crappy built-in speed dial software. Speed dial 2 is generations ahead of the garbage that Opera uses. Its sad how a great browser turned to crap by developers who doesn't listen to their own customers. They keep adding useless features and won't fix the things that makes browsing bearable by adding more tab browsing options. I hope they actually pay attention to the UI more instead of focusing on stupid changes like rewording "Opera" on the upper left corner to "Menu". Give me a break.

  • Opera developer 36.0, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have the same issue after using gesture (close tab)

    • Its sad how a great browser turned to crap by developers who doesn't listen to their own customers*

    I miss about Opera ver.12

  • Opera developer 36.0, Ubuntu 14.04

    This is Opera for Windows' forum. You will most probably have better luck if you post in Opera for *nix forum.

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