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X means Exit... Right?

  • Hello,
    I've got a little quirk, that's driving me to madness. When you hit the "X" on a tab, that means you want to close that tab. Right? Then more and more, why is it opening a POP-UP asking me if I really want to exit?
    To explain in greater detail, I read a lot of news articles and their links lead you in numerous directions. Sometimes to unwanted advertisements, often this is where I find the "are you sure" POP-UP's. Occasionally I will find them trying to exit an actual site, but these are usually blog type sites. If Opera is smart enough to automatically stop pop-up's (including the really important ones), why can't they stop these obtrusive, annoying ones?

  • Which version of Opera and which OS are you using? Also, do you use any extensions?

    Have you checked your computer for malware?

  • Close tab - sites can have code that something is supposed to be done before you close the session in the tab; in fact, on we apps (the bigger webmail sites, Google Docs, etc.) it might be disastrous to whatever you're doing to close the tab suddenly. Same as closing a program on your computer asks to save your work. No reason why a simple blog site (not your own) should do such a thing though, as you aren't making changes to the blog.

    Websites abusing such things are also not new, I vividly recall in IE a website that spawned two ads for each one you closed - sort of like the mythical Hydra. (I actually had to kill the process to get it to go away.) Things like that are one thing I liked about the old Opera; when you closed a tab you didn't get any nasty surprises. But conversely old Opera didn't work well with web apps.

    Presuming it is a site isue - and it isn't your blog which is supposed to be doing something when you close it - you might want to provide a link so we could examine the code.

  • But Steve, can it be done to implement a UNCONDITIONAL "shut the *** up"?

  • Thanks for the come backs...

    My Opera version is 31.0.1889.174. According to the little up-date thingy that follows, I'm up to date.
    My OS is Windows 10.
    I have two Opera based extensions; 1. to prevent Google from crawling up my butt and looking at everything I view. 2. to assist IDM in opening up for my downloads (it doesn't work).
    I running Bitdefender "Total Security 2015", it says I'm clean.

    God, I'm happy I haven't found one of those seven headed beasts! However I think, Bitdefender should nip one of those in the bud.

    Thanks for everyones replies and help.

  • My Opera version is 31.0.1889.174

    Opera Blink (Opera 15+) doesn't have any exit warning so what you are seeing is not something done by Opera but by a site or a third part software, maybe an extension.

    I running Bitdefender "Total Security 2015", it says I'm clean.

    Also check with Malwarebytes or similar program.

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