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Here we go again, pop ups and other crap

  • I have opera 31.0 and all of the ad blocking. It worked great for a long time , now the last few days I get some pop ups but mostly when i click on a link I get a new page that opens to an ad. I want to get rid of this crap again. Thanks

  • Have you checked your OS for malware?

  • I will do that Thanks

  • I'm now having the same problem with you 😞

  • I used malwarebytes but still getting this problem, it's annoying as hell. Maybe someone else will have an answer.

  • Have you checked with a clean profile?

  • I run Sandboxie 4.20...with 'Drop Rights' enabled; don't have the problem [[yet]]....and I do occassionally get some notice of something that wants to run the the 'box...which I don't give permission


  • not sure how to check with a clean profile

  • I run Add Blocker Plus, and I have NO problems with any popups!

  • not sure how to check with a clean profile

    Rename Opera's profile folder. See About Opera for the path.

  • The exact same thing happened to me. I ended up running all the malware suggestions (Malwarebytes, HitMan, AdwCleaner, JRT, and nothing was found. I ended up backing up my profile info to another folder, uninstalling Opera and rerunning all the mentioned programs, ran Ccleaner as well, rebooted, then reinstalled Opera. Everything's working fine now (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.). It was extremely annoying. I feel your pain! Dealt with it for ten days on vacation, which made me switch to Chrome for that period, but once I got home and was able to properly research and print the info I needed, the problem seems to be resolved. I'm adding my speed dial items and so far everything is functioning normally. My issues also started after the upgrade to 31. I do have 31 installed now, and after the wipe and reinstallation, the problems do seem to be gone. I had AdBlock Pro installed, too, but it didn't help with the popups.

    This is the site I used to eliminate the tech-support popups I was getting. Don't know if you're getting those but it was helpful anyway. Good luck!

  • I've had same problem with "DNS Unlocker" ads. Obviously did all the usual things, uninstalled any suspect programs, ran full scan in Security Essentials, emptied recycle bin, trialled software that was claimed to fix it but didn't, tried many browsers, many different settings within browsers. Then came across Adguard extension for Opera and it's magic. No ad problems and much faster operation because I haven't got ten ads trying to open every time I click on a link.

  • I had a few ad blockers installed for Opera, there are many to choose from so I added Ublock as well, and it worked, no more popups and those annoying sidebars (not sure what they are called). You guys that are still have problems should try other ad blockers. Opera is by far the best browser I have ever used. Thanks for your quick replies