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'Saving' a particular choice on a web-page....

  • I use [], Local Weather, as my opening page in Opera. I have Cookies set to keep local data only until I close the browser, with wunderground entered as an exception. In fact, when I change the default temperature from "F" to "C" and reopen Opera, the temps ARE in Celcius. On the other hand, there are several weather reporting stations in my area and when I choose a different station, it does NOT come up when I reopen Opera. I have cleared cookies; uninstalled Opera, clearing out the REGEDIT Opera 31 [and 33], and STILL cannot make a change of reporting station 'hold' as I believe a cookie would have it do.

    Not a big issue but I'd like to understand what is going on....

  • Does it work as you expect in other web browsers? Like Chrome or IE?

  • [Shudda checked that...'egg on face']

    I don't have Chrome installed on this computer, but Old I.E.11 wont 'hold' a WX station selection, either [holds the Celsium selection]

    I've been using a different home page URL for some time, but remembered I used Wunderground back in my Op 12.17 days; that's why I tried it.

    Problem must be related to that URL and the 'new' browser versions... You think ?

  • [More egg]

    Just checked with my Brand New WIN7 L/T...which has nothing Non-Stock installed except SKYPE and Opera...and the result is the same.

    Must BE that URL, eh?

  • Sound like it, yeah.

  • I also use Weather Underground, when I select another weather station it is listed in the new URL - but as my old URL lists my ZIP code and not a weather station, after selecting a different weather station it does remember my selection. So I gather you must have bookmarked a particular station's URL, and need to change your bookmark.

    (The default weather station for my location is a personal weatherstation that reads several degrees hotter than it actually is on sunny days, so I prefer the local airport's official weather. Whoever owns the aforementioned personal weatherstation needs to get it out of the sun.)

  • BRAVO !!

    That did the trick. Never would have thought of it that way, myself. If 'twere possible I'd E-Mail you a Dale's Ale...


    Oh, yes...I live [essentially] on the side of a mountain; within ten miles N or S I can go from Salt Water to a 5000 foot mountain top,so the temps vary widely and I try to use a station somewhere near my elevation.

  • Been there - for a visit - 20 years ago, except that in my case it was west and east. And the west was desert, not water. Friend of mine moved to Cloudcroft, New Mexico ... the climb up from Alamogordo can be interesting.

  • I guess we've just got a new lounger, Steve?
    Hey, we have a Lounge!