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Lack of attention on the Opera TV Products

  • I recently bought a Sony Bravia TV for my home, it's my first SmartTV. Beautiful, sharp, great Wifi connection, Watching Netflix was a delight from day 1, the YouTube app looks awful, but it works, and I get what i need, at great quality, my son quickly discovered the Android-TV connection that allowed us to control the tv Youtube content with our phones. I was just blown away, worth every penny. But then I got to the Opera TV Store, great presentation, superb until I started to browse on the apps, god what a Mess! I mean, I know, it's a TV, it's not a PlayStation nor an Xbox but the lack of quality apps for the Opera TV Store is just shameful, I thought to myself, I own an indie software company. How about entering the TV App market? Now once I set eyes on the phantom town this forum is, I get it why the lack of quality. There are absolutely no incentives on the TV market section. Barely any support team on sight, I still don't understand why people don't like to cover in deep the monetization programs internationally, I mean, people gotta eat, right? Sony and Samsung are international powerhouses and in every smart tv worldwide that is selling with these brands, Opera in there exclusively, there is no Google, there is no Apple, there is no Microsoft, all we have is Opera Store, nothing else. Remember that every single SmartTV owner worldwide is no Poor-John-Doe, we are middle-to-upper class intelligent, well fed and read people, even in the worst 3rd World Countries. Remember also that TV is MADE for advertisements, international advertisements. Why oh why there are no teams of people acquiring developers, ensuring quality levels, promoting innovation on the plattform, selling the market to established advertisement powerhouses. I mean, if I put a cool app, I believe everyone could live with a 10-15 second video ad before playing my game, or checking on tweets, or reviewing greatest posts on facebook or quora, linkedin or bloomberg, checking market trends, listening to audio blogs, reviewing presentations... I mean jeez! Opera TV Store plattform should look alive and flourishing like YouTube, or Play Store not quiet and deppressing like it is right now. Who is running this ?

  • To anyone at Opera out there, please read this post:, perhaps this can enlighten a bit to what we, developers are looking for on a plattform. Do not disregard countries! there is money everywhere, also there are developers everywhere. We won't let you down.

  • +1 on this, Opera RESPOND on the posts here please !!!,!,!

  • This is an user's forum so don't expect answers from Opera, although they can show up sometimes.

  • Hi guys,

    We apologize for not commenting sooner. Thank you for your detailed advice/suggestions/comments. I will discuss with our engineers and will respond shortly.
    Feel free to email me directly at: ilanas (at) opera (dot) com.


  • I really would like to be able buy apps Like Itune radio, Pandora, Iheart, Milk radio. And the screen savers suck how do I get more I love the picture and the sound of the tv but whats really going on with this if you dont have google tv app you just out of luck I guess

    One thing Kodi is in google play
    My Xfinity app is in google play
    Another live tv app I use is in google play
    Thought buying this smart tv save me from using an android box
    I guess not. Taking it back for an LG with google play.
    Now that don't make sense everything I do on my computer is connected to google play
    Come on Opera let's be serious Google and Apple is number 1 and 2
    This Opera is like a third country. Just saying this will stop people from buying tv's with Opera on it because
    of no google play. Add it you can't be worried about competition when you are not bigger than google anyway.

  • That is like asking, "Why isn't Google Play in Windows store???"

  • Couldn't agree more. Feel let down by Sony and Opera. Sony just moved onto the next platform and I don't blame them, the Opera platform and marketing is terrible. I am a coder so I've resorted to creating my own apps which I launch through the Opera URL Loader app, but even this is painful and won't launch my apps unless you're in the Opera TV app, so you can't use the shortcut/favourite from the Sony home screen. Now with RedBull not working, intermittent Vimeo since day one and a number of outdated of no longer active apps, means it's time to buy a dongle, so it was pointless and a waste of money buying a smart TV in the first place. The idea of being able to easily turn an internet channel into an Opera app was a good one and something any web developer like myself could achieve, its just a shame Opera couldn't get it together. Love to see some stats on who is using Opera TV apps.

  • Crap! I just bought a Sony Smart tv 48" yesterday, there is no Google store! I couldn't find kodi in opera store.

    I think i just wasted my money buying this TV.

  • I have a new Toshiba smart Opera (43L5650VT) Nice but the section games/apps is ridiculous and it has nothing to download something. The seller gave me that as the better smart TV, what make me angry. Anyway, now i would know if i can without problem use an android box (T95u pro so last generation)on this TV by HDMI.


  • Hi I bought Sony 48 inch KDL48WD653 smart TV I can't seem to find an Internet browser, surely a smart TV should have one. There is opera url loader can I download from this?

    Thanks in advance for any advice