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new HTML5 player, skin, layout, interface

  • Hi,
    just wanted to ask if anyone else has a new HTML5 player interface all of sudden?
    I find this new interface very hard to read on the video background and cumbersome, as now changing the resolution takes at least 2 clicks.

    screenshot - imgur

    and yes, this was on youtube, have not tested if other video platforms also changed the player.

  • If it's YouTube's html5 player, they have changed it recently iirc.

  • Hi,
    just wanted to ask if anyone else has a new HTML5 player interface all of sudden?

    yes, started day or two ago ....this is actually "new new", because new (transparent) was introduced couple of months ago. This is some sort of upgrade to it...

  • very strange, as for me it suddenly switched during noon yesterday.
    I tried the HTML5 player out as they introduced it years ago, then every now and then again, and now with the H264 debacle and stuttering flash player in Opera 30+ I switched completely to it.
    All the time I had the same interface an layout, and baam. From one video to another this.

    Very strange.

  • It's the YouTube player redesign:

  • Ah, thank you. And a quote from the comment on the bgr page
    "Youtube has form for taking away useful features valued by users." - Not only YT, somehow IT-folks and we engineers have a habit of getting rid of neat features.

    One more thing I kinda saw yesterday evening, the contrast is out of whack somehow. I rewatched a few videos with this new player, and well it is really hard to watch, as the dark sections of a video (say shadow) are way darker than before, and the bright sections are brighter than before. Making watching and seeing things extremely hard.

    one example

    Someone else experienced that?

    Btw, good thing this change isn't related to Opera, image what you would hear in the Forums if people like I all of sudden can't see, can't read, or can't watch videos like we used to do.