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Passwords don't autofill even though they are saved

  • I am having the same issue. I tried deleting the entry from password manager, but it doesn't offer to save the password anymore. One time I saw the Do you want to save the password for about half a second and then the page loaded over it. So, something is not right. This worked fine in version 19. It's just version 20 that seems to have broken this.

  • I also have the same problem since O20. Won't insert pw value. Delete entry from Manage Passwords, then it does not ask to save pw. Delete logon files, no entries at all shown then under Manage Passwords, still will not save new password. Something got hosed with the password manager in version 20 as far as I can see.

  • Update: Some small number of sites on my saved passwords list it still works as before, ie it still saves and inserts passwords, but on the majority it does not. The problem is that deleting the ones that do not work is no solution - it will not save anew on those sites where it previously worked. The problem appears to be site-specific in some way.

  • I have the same problem. This is really a big deal. It means about 100 logins a day to me. It has been doing it for few days. Please fix it immediately.

  • Same to me. At home, and at work too. It's very annoying.

  • I have the same issue since the last update

  • just use lastpass extension. it works great. and if your system crashes or something horrible, and you need to reinstall, you still have all your passwords (they're in online storage and accessible from other computers or browsers).

  • I have the same exact issue with my passwords its been going on for a while now and I hope they get this fixed soon because I like opera but I need it to work right and well it does not. I wish I could downgrade from 20.0 and be able to use my stored passwords again. If its not fixed soon I will be ditching opera which I have been using it for years, but if they are not going to fix their problems then I will have no choice but to switch to another browser.

  • same problem as all the other guys, with version 15 as well as version 20. As this has been an outstanding advantagewith opera I´m not able to use anymore, I fear I won´t use opera any more soon.

  • Hello guys.
    Problem is solved in version 20.0.1387.77

  • I have updated to ver. 20.0.1396.72047 but the issue still cannot remember user name and password,

  • I have updated to ver. 20.0.1396.72047

    Which version is that?

  • This is probably old news by now, but I was having a similar issue and I think I may figured it out, for my issue anyway (what happened to ctrl + enter?!): Begin typing the username in the username box, and a popup shows the full username, click that and it fills in the username and password.

  • It mayn't help, but i was having the same problem, specifically with facebook, and found that one of my house guests, in not wanting to save their password on my laptop, clicked "never" when opera asked if she wanted to save her password.

    This seemed to have exempted from using password manager at all.

    Solution for me was: clicking "Settings" (Alt+P) in the Opera menu tab --> clicking "Privacy & Security" on the left --> under "Passwords" clicking "Manage saved passwords" --> and removing "" from the list of "Never saved" passwords.