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why doesn't data saver option also block ads?

  • I was trying it out on android, and it seems pretty good, except for one thing. no ad block. seems like they would go hand in hand, since intrusive ads use up data.

  • is this a forbidden topic or something? 😛

  • It seems that nobody wants to talk about it.

  • It's definitely not forbidden.

    I believe that in the way Turbo works, I mean, if a browser implements an ad blocker natively do you imagine what websites would do? Websites would want to block every Opera Turbo user or even every Opera user. I believe this is why it's not happening. (With extensions in the desktop it's a different situation because it's not universally enabled for all users and every browser has ad blocker extensions - websites would have to block every browser and lose 100% of their visitors, got it?)

    Oh there's another thing I remembered. Google forbids ad blockers in their Play Store so Opera would be dropped out of the single biggest titanic way people download and discover new apps on the system.

    To achieve your objective the option right now is installing e.g. (see, it's something from outside Google Play). It requires manual work if you aren't rooted, but if you're rooted it's very simple.

  • Well maybe it would force website to rethink how to do things, instead of bombarding people with intrusive ads etc. I've seen that adblockplus before, but also read that adblock plus drains the battery quite a bit. I didn't know google forbid adblock on the play store. oh well.

  • Google doesn't allow apps that interfere with the function of other apps(like blocking in-app ads)
    they don't mind browsers that block ads for security, speed, or to conserve power.

  • thats somewhat unusual b/c I know of quite a few mobile browsers that also have an adblock plugin. Also, the desktop version of opera has a plugin for adblock in addition to having data saver feature turned on.. so seems like a strange contradiction.

  • A plugin is not native. But then again ... Now that Apple allows ad-blockers Google may also.

  • A plugin is not native. But then again ... Now that Apple allows ad-blockers Google may also.

    But while Apple loses nothing, ads are Google's main business.

    Who knows, my reasoning may be incorrect...
    Does anyone know if UC Browser ad-blocker is native or a plug-in?

  • well I just read they started to include ad-block in the mobile browser. All i can say is about damn time.

  • Latest update, installed this morning.