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  • Can anyone explain why Opera has taken away continuous scrolling when viewing images. First it was Google, now its happening to Bing. Of the three, Google, Bing and Yahoo only Yahoo has continuous image scrolling when using Opera, how long will it be before the same happens to Yahoo? It would appear Opera as taken a backward step in removing this feature, when all other browsers have it. I've been using Opera for years and have downloaded Maxthon, which is fast becoming my preferred browser, at least I'm able to view continuously scrolled images.

  • Wrong forum section.
    You need to re-post this in the forum for Opera on your operating system.

  • Your post seemed a little vague.

    I've looked everywhere for the forum for Opera on your operating system, and cannot find it.

  • Your post seemed a little vague.
    I've looked everywhere for the forum for Opera on your operating system, and cannot find it.

    Go to and you will see it.

    Opera for Computers, divided in Opera for Windows, for Mac, for *nix and Opera Beta and developer.

  • What if we had some "metadata" in our profiles?
    Like on MyOpera? Some "about", blah-blah.. Here, we could list OS(s) we use, something relevant, <!--so that we could guide even those who's entirely lost: there "about" would be in their own language, so they might manage such filling in quite all right...-->... <_<

  • I gather the OP is not native English-speaking. He says he looked for "the forum for Opera on your operating system" (not "my", and not an actual OS).

    If you tell us what system your computer runs (Windows 7, OSX, Ubuntu Linux, etc.) we could move the thread to the right forum. Or you can choose a language you speak better from the list and post there.

  • Just installed Opera 32 last night. Problem I'm having is accesssing the internet when using the local college library's server and "guest" wireless access point. Normally when opening other browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) via this college's wireless access point location there is a user agreement from the college that opens up, which when agreed to allows internet access. Opera 32 does not even allow the user agreement to come up, hence no internet connection. Is this about certificates?... Please let me know if there is a way to get Opera to recognize the University's server. For now I have to use a different browser to establish a connection and then open Opera - which is a pain. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • This is also in the wrong forum section.
    We need to know what operating system you're using so it can be moved to the right place.