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  • Opera 30 (the nightmare update)
    Windows 7 Pro x64

    Please tell me that I'm a fool who just can't find years worth of saved bookmarks. Please tell me that there is a simple way to find them. Please tell me how.

    Please do not tell me to get them from some place saved on line. I have not done that. I always have them locally.

    Please do not tell me to do some kind of sychronization. I never have done that. Every time I'm tempted to do so, I think of all the things I do at home that I don't want to be made available to anyone who pics up my mobile device. I have always done my own migration after I find the folder the bookmards were saved in.

    I confess, I have not yet searched to see if the upgrade to opera 30 deleted or left them intact. I remember something in the upgrade process that may have asked if I wanted to import, but that seemed to me to lead to duplicate entries.

    I'm amazed at how Opera blew such a simple thing as automatically keeping book marks. Tell me I'm wrong about all this, and I will apologixe for being such a dunce.

  • Man, you sure used a lot of words to NOT tell up what version of Opera you upgraded from or where you looked for the bookmarks when you noticed they were gone.

  • Your old bookmarks are probably still there together with your old Opera 12.

  • Well, I read your 3 other threads that consisted of 80% whining and I discovered your problem. You upgraded from Opera 12. Opera 30 does not replace Opera 12, it is installed beside it. This is so users that actually know how to use a computer can use either version and not come here screaming about how everything has changed. If you didn't import your bookmarks, well that why would you expect them to be in Opera 30? Read the dialogs next time. You can still import them into 30 from the Settings menu. One way to access that is by pressing Alt + P on your keyboard. If you can't manage that come on back and we'll hold your hand through that too. Meanwhile your Opera 12 install should be untouched, with all of your sessions and bookmarks and everything still there.