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Where are my bookmarks? Lost with Opera 30 silent install?

  • Until a few days ago I had a few hundred bookmarks (from Opera <= 12) with Opera 29 ... just see the (silent) upgraded to 30.0.1835.52 ... and have NO bookmarks anymore.

    Opera / Bookmarks / My folders & Imported Bookmarks are both empty - there were hundreds of links. I never deleted them.

    Where they are now please?

  • I'm having the exact same issue where my browser bookmarks have all vanished and I'm only getting displays of empty folders as if I never bookmarked anything.I want my bookmarks back where I can find them easily.

  • It seems the latest release should have spent a little more time in testing. They should still be there but the bookmarks menu inside the Opera menu is borked. You can still access them using the bookmarks manager (Ctrl+Shift+B).

  • The "unsorted bookmarks" are there (when I click the heart on the top right) - but not all the 1000 old bookmarks sorted in folders since Opera 4? :-(.

    E.g. this file

    C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Bookmarks
    (no file extension ?)

    when I open it with editor I can see the json format and it includes all the 1000 bookmarks I made in the past years.

    But not loaded in Opera 30 ?


    Can I start Opera without updating to Opera 30? I still have Opera 29 on my laptop with all the bookmarks. If yes, so I can see if the update to 30 is the reason that the old json bookmarks won't be read.


  • The menus "Opera / Bookmarks / My Folders" and "Opera / Bookmarks / Imported bookmarks" ... are now empty with Opera 30.

    When I use the "Opera / Bookmarks " ... btw: Why are there 2 sub menus "Bookmarks" (one with the heart on the left)?

    OK, when I use the Ctrl+Shift+B (Bookmarks menu with heart), I can see on the left at the end of the list "Imported bookmarks".

    When I click on it I get the folders "Importierte Lesezeichen" (German) and "Imported Bookmarks". In both folders I have all the missing bookmarks. Looks like the menu above don't shows the bookmarks anymore (bug!).

    The reason why I have "Importierte Lesezeichen" (German) and "Imported Bookmarks" ... happened a few Opera releases ago:

    On my laptop with German Windows, Opera German was used (during auto-update ?) - and the menus were/are German.

    On my PC with English Windows, Opera English is used.

    Something happend with Opera sync (?) which has duplicated the bookmarks and now I have a difference of course too. 😞

  • Yah, this is a known issue. From what I read (on these forums somewhere) it's likely to be an issue with the synchronisation. At any rate; this bug is known with the developers so I'm convinced that they're going to work on this.

  • Lost all my bookmarks as well. Real pain. Why has this happened.

  • Lost all my bookmarks as well. Real pain. Why has this happened.

    There is nothing under opera:bookmarks? Or under OMenu > Bookmarks (the 2nd one)?

  • @allfrey Open the bookmarks manager and look in there (Ctrl+Shift+B). The bookmarks menu is currently bugged. It should be fixed next release.

  • I've lost all my bookmarks. I tried to re-import them from FF (both using the "import from FF" option and the HTML file and neither worked.

    This is a basic function that should have been checked.

  • Are you sure they are gone? Did you look in the bookmarks manager using Ctrl+Shift+B? In the current release the only problem is they don't display in the menu but are still present otherwise.

  • how do you turn off automatic updates to stop 30 taking over 29 the bookmark deal is bs

  • There are many threads on this forum that already discuss that topic. You might try looking in one of them.

  • after (silent) upgraded to 30.0.1835.52 ... and I have NO bookmarks anymore too.

  • Yes, as has been mentioned in this thread before it is a known issue.

  • Let's see, after more than two years, Opera ASA not only cannot get a bookmarks feature that even minimally approaches the functionality of previous versions,

    --importing of bookmarks sucks dead bunnies through a straw (scrambled, all hierarchical organization lost, etc.)
    --lacks basic management features; management features that supposedly exist do not work or do not work properly
    --even sync sucks (ditto on organization crap-out, scrambling of bookmark organization)
    --CTRL+SHIFT+b results in a management page that makes a mockery of bookmark management: compare the cartoon of a "management" page to the functional and relatively powerful REAL management page in earlier Opera versions--the current treatment is laughable, if by "laughable" on includes values meaning "utterly stupid and insulting".

    I keep trying to find Opera ASA's current offerings to be useful, but its failure to implement a useful bookmark feature (among its other failings) has me on a continual search for a replacement for ANY new offering from Opera. Sadly, the many offerings from elsewhere still do not manage the functionality Opera 12.17 still affords (though, as [ticked\ off as I am becoming with Opera ASA, as soon as I find ANYTHING that approaches the functionality of its more than 2-year-old, no longer maintained browser, I'll ditch ALL of its products and never look back. Yes, this failure to offer a browser that's even minimally as functional as the one it threw away does have me that disgusted.

  • You seem greatly dissatisfied with the product. I suggest you ask for a full refund and stop using it.

  • Stupid snark, lando242. I've used the Opera browser in its various iterations since 1996, longer than you've been sentient (if you have managed that, by now), and used to be quite happy to pay for the privilege--and it was a privilege, once, back when it was a decent product. Opera 12.x is still a decent product, one that is far, far more useful than the abortion of functionality, management and configurability that Opera ASA currently excretes.

    And dipwads like you are its current target users.

    "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

  • Oh dear, someone insult me over the internet. Whatever shall I do. Just move to Vivaldi and spare us, will you?