Opera_Developer_44.0.2475.0_Setup.exe and C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Developer\44.0.2475.0\opera.exe are continuously crashing before Opera can be launched. Tried clean install with no success. Try this... Backup all opera Developers folders (or simply put ".old" on all this .... ) use a register cleaner like "Ccleaner"... and let it run.. when it finished, try to re-install opera. Diretories Instalar: C:\Program Files\Opera developer Perfil: C:\Users\Rodrigo\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Developer Cache: C:\Users\Rodrigo\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Developer If not have a success on it try to see anything strange on windows events open CMD and type eventvwr , wait .... and click on " > " in windows logs, click applications (wait for he open) .. and try to search any evidence for "Opera Developer" error or information