heeeey . i am just having a small problem with my opera browser. my laptop past away last week but i saved my hdd... so i decide that i am going to buy new one and will use this one instead of the blank one inside the laptop . but from some reason they mounted ssd with system straight inside laptop and i v been forced to instal allready preinstaled win from new boughted laptop... and also there is not booting option to boot from another way in bios . my problem beined after i put my old hdd in place of hdd new laptop and tryed to start up opera with all my bookmarks and passwords which they are key to my whole life.... my question guys is is there any understandable way how to bring my old opera to the life again ? the case is following : i got both hdds in pc so reach old opera folder is no problem. the new blank opera just appear from nowhere when i tryed open opera from old hdd.... i know for sure that there has to be all my data hiden from me somewhere in folders of old opera on old hdd just need to get them out and put them in new opera under new system. can anybody try to help me step by step please ? thank you