@sgunhouse said in Can't see emojis on Opera:

Windows 7 has less support of emoji than later versions.

ā˜ŗ ā˜ŗ smiling_face
ā™„ ā™„ heart_suit
šŸ”„ šŸ”„ fire
āœˆ āœˆ airplane

Just trying some emoji - the forum seems to replace keyboard emoji with its own. The ones on the left are from my keyboard, the other one in each line is the forum's emoji. If you actually quote my post you should see the difference.

Let me see apparently I can use regular emoji (instead of forum emoji) in a code block

> ā˜ŗ :smiling_face: smiling_face > ā™„ :heart_suit: heart_suit > šŸ”„ :fire: fire > āœˆ :airplane: airplane