I see your point jackworthing. Remember though that the Opera browser is offered to you free, and that the Google Bar is there on the speed dial, because of a financial arrangement between Opera and Google. Were it not for that arrangement, you would not have a free browser. So don't get too indignant about it. I mean clearly, Opera does need financing to produce the browser. Would you pay for it? You don't want to do that, I'm sure.

Now here's a link you may find interesting. Google and Mozilla have renewed the partnership that ensures Google's search engine remains Mozilla Firefox's default search tool. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398046,00.asp I'm not sure what year that's for. It might be 2011. But these companies -- like Mozilla and Opera -- could not do the tremendous amount of work necessary to produce a browser -- pay the staff for the research, testing, etc -- without your either paying for it, or if it's offered free, the money being raised elsewhere. Now voilá! Google pays big money for its search bar. Would you have Mozilla and Opera turn it down and go out of business?

So at least, Opera does give you a way to hide the Google Search bar. It may not be totally simple, but if it were totally simple, my sense is Google might not pay as much money. Therefore I have no problem jumping through a few hoops to get rid of the Search Bar from the Speed Dial page. And at least Opera gives us the ability to do it!