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Opera synchronizing, but not the speed dial

  • Oh okay. Thanks for your quick reply. I thought I read somewhere that the speed dial would be synched just like bookmarks etc.

  • Sorry I have no clue about the "new" sync feature. All I can tell you was about the keyboard shortcuts.
    As u know in the old (pre 12 versions) you could define what and how you wanted your things to be sync'ed

    So you need to wait for someone that took a look at the new sync, to answer that question.

  • Now I understand your first post better.
    As to chagelogs: the Opera people love to push out updates really often, as most software companies do these days. That might be the reason why change logs don't contain a whole lot of info anymore. I do not like it, to be honest.

  • there is a flag opera://flags/#favorites-bookmark-backend
    which will make possible to sync SD with bookmarks
    (I'm not using sync, so can't be 100% sure in functionality, it's little buggy still for my taste... duplicate bookmarks etc.)

  • @pacman84 you didn't misread. the FAQ for opera accounts does state that speed dial is synchronized between all computers connected to your account.

    @vux777 that is an experimental feature, which is enabled by default. If that is what enables sync for speed dial, then it should work by default.

    I too am experiencing the issue of speed dial not syncing. For me, this isn't a huge deal, as I can easily make changes to each computer myself, but it would be a nice feature, if it worked properly.

  • Can you post a link to the FAQ you are ready that says this feature is enabled in the current stable version please?

  • However, The speed dial on all 3 computers contains different quick links.

    You mean in Bookmarks > Other Speed Dials? Because this is where you will find the SD entries from other devices/installs.

  • dude who writes the change logs
    how come, I feel like to get less and less information about what you changed or introduced with every new version?

    You can find a full/more detailed changelog in Desktop Team's blog.

  • Thank you leo, have to look for them next time. Though I would expect news about one of the developers cats in a blog and not a description and detailed list of a changelog there, especially when there is a changelog already.
    But enough off-topic here from me.

    Hope pacman and jason can sort their syncing issue out, would be a neat feature to finally use again like in the old Opera 11 times 🙂

  • Though I would expect news about one of the developers cats in a blog

  • I found something!
    If you press Ctrl+t for a new tab, then click on bookmarks, you will get a list of all your bookmarks. Now there is an entry on the left side called "other speed dial entries". There is a list of all synchronized computers with their corresponding quick dial entries.
    That's a start!

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