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Why are so many websites suddenly failing on Opera 12?

  • Within the last week or 10 days I've noticed so many web sites are difficult to use in Opera 12.16 on both Windows and Linux. The formatting appears wrong and in some cases is becoming unusable.

    Did something just happen all of a sudden? And I missed some announcement? Or is this just a coincidence?
    Opera Beta users may not have noticed anything.

  • Websites are upgrading their security and formatting to standards Opera 12 doesn't support. This is something you can't avoid when using a browser that hasn't been updated in 2 years.

  • Sure but it seems that nothing much changed in the preceding 12 months. But then, over the last 2 weeks, tons of websites have all gone wonky. So I'm wondering if anything specific, in these last 2 weeks, was the cause.

  • maybe change was on your comp (new software, changing preferences...deleting cookies/history etc) that affects surfing

  • This problem is evident on both my Linux and Windows computers.

  • I use Opera 12.17 all the time still as my main browser, and I've certainly not noticed a large number of sites suddenly giving problems.
    I fact there are very few sites even now where I have to use another browser (usually Opera Developer).
    Those where I do have to abandon 12.17 are mainly ones where form submission does not work.

  • Sometimes new jQuery version makes load of sites fail on O12 - usually these come slowly back after some jQuery patches. O12 is officially not supported by jQuery, but most of functionality does work so far.

  • ianp5a, get used to it, Opera 12.17 (which I prefer to O29) is failing...and no fixes will make it right.

    I have pretty much migrated to O29, and with some extensions and manipulation have managed to a great extent to make O29 as usable as O12.17 was.

    1. Dave rules.

    2. Opera 11 rules even more*:yes:*

    Sure but it seems that nothing much changed in the preceding 12 months. But then...

    It's possible.
    YouTube upgraded UI rendering or something - it seems, Google+ implemented new features, Facebook started yacking at my old Firefox...

  • is suddenly also not working anymore

  • is suddenly also not working anymore

    Not working how? Seems fine to me