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Why try so hard to make people hate Opera?

  • I just noticed that sometimes, when i use google to search for certain words, i get like 3 sites of results on firefox and no results at all in opera. I checked search settings, they are the same. So i was like, no problem, i can always make opera pretend to be firefox, that worked before... then i looked around and noticed that site specific settings are gone in new version.. just WTF?! You keep removing all the functions from Opera that made us use Opera in first place, just to find out when people going to say, fu.. that! and just uninstall and black list everything that has anything to do with opera?!

    Why are you killing my favourite browser? I want to know!

  • you can have it back with an extension

    Would be nice if it worked, but right now it only turns google site into a mess, some buttons doesn't even appear.

  • The reason the old Opera had that feature was because of their custom renderer. Sites would detect that they were Opera and either give users annoying popups or change the content of the site or both. Opera now uses the same renderer as Chrome so its was not necessary to put that feature back in when they started from scratch.

  • Well, at least i found out why google could not find anything. It seems that if does better searches if you have logged in.

    Still, finding out that some more functions were removed from opera sucks.

  • I don't think google gives results based on your browser but based on your browser preferences...

  • I've just made a search in google using Opera and Firefox and the results were almost the same, and being logged in didn't seem to have made any difference.

  • Late(r) reaction but I'd like to chime in anyway: I recently switched from SeaMonkey (Mozilla based browser) to Opera as my main (default) browser. Google has always been the default search engine in SeaMonkey so that's what I continued using. Just for context: I've been using SeaMonkey for 3 - 4 years now, and today started using Opera full time. This also includes plenty of Googleing (esp. when working on some dev. projects).

    I can only conclude the same as Leocg up there: I can't spot any differences what so ever. Note: using Opera 29. And I'm pretty sure that I would have spotted it if something was off; esp. when using something new you're very keen for anything which works "different".

    Just my 2 cents though.