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mail/newsfeeds show up blank (NOT empty) after crash (12.16)

  • So after I suffered a system lockup where I had to hard-reset my computer, I launched Opera to find all of my newsfeeds and email folders rather spookily blank. They are NOT empty - I can still see many, many entries in my newsfeeds, except that they are completely and utterly blank - no name, date or source, and when I click them it maintains "no message selected". Emails fixed themselves automatically due to the magic of IMAP, but my newsfeeds have thusfar eluded me. Any new updates that are captured by my feeds display properly, in their correct folder, but on top of countless blank entries where my old feed data was. Is this fixable, or is it a permanent corruption?

    For clarification, this is roughly what it looks like:

  • It's that the database got messed up.

    Go to opera:config, change it to zero, restart Opera and see if it helps.

  • How do I get my mail and folders now that you have shutdown

  • That setting is set to 0 by default. I've already tried setting it to 1, restarting, then setting it back to 0 and restarting again, and nothing.

  • Still not been able to fix this problem. I'm hoping to transition my newsfeeds and stuff to Opera Mail, but I don't want to risk losing anything that might yet be salvageable.

  • I guess you'll have to import your feeds. Are the .mbs files still available?

  • If you're talking about the files in AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\mail\store\accountx folders, it looks like they are, but they're all jumbled into random folders and I don't really know what I would do with them.

  • You'll need to import them using Settings > Import and Export > Import Mail.

    Choose "import generic mbox file" and then add the folder which contains your feeds (take a look at accounts.ini to see which account number is associated with rss). Opera can't import into your rss/feed entries so you will have to use a fake e-mail account and then label those feeds, if the case.

  • Already covered above, but the old post for how to do these things is archived here.

  • Already covered above, but the old post for how to do these things is archived here.

    This is flagged as a harmful website by my antivirus.

    And the only thing I've seen people say to do to "fix" this problem isn't really a "fix", it's a really messy band-aid (more like gauze-mummification) for a problem that has completely destroyed productivity on more than one occasion. There is no feasible reason why this can't just be outright fixed when all the messages are clearly still there but just not loading. It's just really sad that no one has even bothered to figure out what is causing this to happen and would instead rather force people to do manual maintenance on their (probably extremely huge) databases in order to step around the issue like a pile of broken glass.

  • Opera mail and Opera 12 are end of life programs. They have not been updated in 2 years and will receive no more updates in the future. So what exactly do you expect them to fix? Considering that you have paid zero dollars for these products I don't think you can expect any support for them after they've been discontinued.